The Underdog episode of Loot Anime arrived with a weepy green-haired hero with a slice of One for All, togs to show your love for Team Wizard King, a spiffy snapback, and the DC Universe running right to left, including goodies from My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Batman and the Justice League, and Saint Seiya.

Though I’m a huge DC Comics and Superman fan, and I’ve been following Black Clover since volume one, I have to say that my favorite inclusion this month was from My Hero Academia. It’s still a little embarrassing to admit that Midoriya is my favorite character in My Hero Academia, though there have been twenty-five episodes since that crybaby outro that shows him running and sniffling, running and sniffling ad nauseum ad absurdum. It was more fashionable in this household to be an All-Might fan–until this beautiful Banpresto arrived, and my wife and daughter wanted to shift their allegiances from the current holder of All for One to the inheritor. The defining factor of all Banpresto figures is that they are awesome, and this Banpresto is the quintessential Banpresto, bringing Midoriya “Deku” into the glory of three dimensions.

To be honest, when I saw that DC Comics was included in Underdog, my expectation was Batman Ninja, which has already wrested the best Batman trailer of all time award from every Batman film made or yet to be made. That said, this exclusive preview edition of the Batman and the Justice League manga is an outstanding, unlooked-for inclusion that I’m happy to have. Until DC releases Speed Racer creator Tatsuo Yoshida’s 1958-1960 run of Superman manga as a complement to their BatManga volumes, I’ll have future installments of Batman and the Justice League to look forward to, as Shiori Teshirogi draws an excellent intepretation of the DC Comics flagship characters, while bringing to life such supporting luminaries as Comissioner Gordon. Though I’m disappointed to see the modern versions of the costumes–no underwear on the outside–my sincerest hope is that anime hair Superman has a longer run than nineties mullethead Superman. A dynamite plus was the 11 x 14 poster, also drawn by Teshirogi. This manga tied the next goodie for my second favorite item in Underdog.

Though all the Loot Crate subscriptions have great T-shirts, Loot Anime has the best variation in colors, such as this sweet olive green T-shirt depicting Asta, our favorite nun-loving anti-magician from the world of Black Clover. If you’re unfamiliar with this tale, you can find my review of the first volume of the manga through this link.

Rounding out Underdog is an exclusive Saint Seiya snapback hat. Though my melon head is more suited to toboggans than snapbacks, I have to admit this is a snazzy hat, with two embroidered patches and a cool gold and cream color combo.

Underdog’s poster, illustrated by Xeph of Colalteral Damage Studios, depicts Yume battling with a two-handed sword against another warrior wielding sword and shield, and the crate interior art is divided into panels of abstract action art.

With several outstanding items, Underdog is one of my favorite Loot Anime installments in the last year, and will be hard to surpass in 2018. Not only will the manga be a great read, and the t-shirt be fun and snug to wear, but everyone here is excited about Midoriya’s arrival.

Underdog is no longer available, but until January 27th, you can order Game On!, which includes goodies from Steins;Gate, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Memoria Freese, Final Fantasy Type-0, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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