Julia Ling

NerdSpan was provided a real treat in the form of an opportunity to interview actress Julia Ling. Julia has been on TV shows such as “E.R”, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, “Chuck”, and several others. We discuss her training with Marco Morales and her work on two projects; TANGO DOWN and TACTICAL GIRL. You can listen (language warning) to the full interview from the provided link below.

Marco Morales is known for many things; Hollywood StuntMan/ Actor/boxing coach /muay thai coach /Trainer to Anderson The Spider Silva And Many More UFC fighters And Bellator boxing . You can keep up with Marco on instagram and twitter.


TANGO DOWN from Silver Rose Entertainment is a film by veterans, for veterans. Julia (Producer) discusses the concept and motivation for the film. Along with Julia is Micah Haughey (Producer), USMC veteran Rick Swift (Producer & Head Writer), and USMC veteran Andrew Dorsett (Producer & Writer). Julia also discusses how you can help by supporting the film or honoring a veteran.



TACTICAL GIRL is another production from Silver Rose Entertainment where Julia plays a hardcore bad “A” one minute and a sweet dainty flower the next. Julia is the real deal when it comes to action as Rick Swift (founder of Filmgrouch.com) describes: “Tactical Girl is a unique character; unlike so-called booth bimbos, Julia Ling can walk the walk. She doesn’t just pretend to be an expert on military and tactical scenarios, she can actually back it up.”


To keep up with the latest on Julia you can find her on: facebooktwitterinstagram, and imdb

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