Movie Review: Son Of Batman (2014)

| April 21, 2014

Son Of Batman

DC continues to knock it out of the park with their titles and Son Of Batman is another one. Based on the story arc written by Grant Morrison, this film deals with Batman being introduced to his son, Damian. The son he had after an intimate encounter with Talia al Ghul, the daughter of one of his most dangerous foes, Ra’s al Ghul. The son that he never knew he had until now.

Movie Review: Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery (2014)

| April 21, 2014

Scooby-Doo Wrestlemania Mystery

Those meddling kids and their dog are back at it once again in the new animated film, Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery. If you’re a fan of Pro-Wrestling, then you know what to expect with a title like this. The Mystery Inc. gang has met many famous people during their hijinks over the years. This time they meet the Pro-Wrestlers of the WWE. As it usually goes, this meeting of worlds turns into a mystery that must be solved.

Movie Review: Captain America:The Winter Solider (2014)

| March 28, 2014


Marvel Studios’ run of successfully translating their comic book creations to the screen in new and surprising ways, whilst avoiding the pitfalls encountered by their rivals, continues with the second entry in the Captain America series, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As with Thor: The Dark World, Cap 2 expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reinforces […]

Movie Review: Cheap Thrills (2014)

| March 26, 2014


Quite often indie films sneak up on you and blow your socks off. Cheap Thrills had a heap of buzz from various film festivals and sometimes that sets expectations too high. Cheap Thrills not only meets those expectations but then goes beyond them, in what is surely one of the sickest morality tales in a long time.

DVD Review: Ranma 1/2 – Season 1 (2014)

| March 24, 2014


If you’re a fan from WAY back in the day when Anime was scarce and the only way you could find it was at conventions on bootleg VHS, then you know all about the goodness that is Ranma 1/2. (Except for me. I had my ways of staying current back then. You younger fans have no idea how much easier you have it.) Luckily for everyone, VIZ Media is bringing you all the awesomeness that is Ranma 1/2 in remastered DVD & Blu-Ray glory.

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

| March 22, 2014


Kermit The Frog and the gang are back with a follow up to the 2011 hit film The Muppets with yet another hit in Muppets Most Wanted. Fans of the previous Muppet film will certainly enjoy this one. After the ending of The Muppets (literally), The Muppets decide to make a sequel where they take on a world tour. They hire a manager named Dominic Badguy to handle all the bookings for the tour. But…

Movie Review: Disconnect (2012)

| March 18, 2014


A few years ago, there was a slew of ‘intertwining story’ films, as they became a serious fad for a year or two, and Disconnect is in that mold. Some of those films were somewhat dull affairs and would only tenuously link the strands together or leave you wondering if any point was really being made. With Disconnect, director Henry Alex Rubin (Murderball) brings this format to bear on the online world.

Movie Review: Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

| March 17, 2014


Not gonna lie. When Marvel first announced they were throwing their hat into the Anime genre, I was on the fence. I was willing to give them a chance as soon as I heard Madhouse was involved. I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed their version of X-Men. Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore was ok, with the Japanese influence being heavily felt. However, when I heard of the pairing of Black Widow and Punisher, I was again on the fence. Marvel and Madhouse have proved me wrong.

Movie Review: Ender’s Game (2013)

| March 17, 2014


With the success of The Hunger Games, part of me feels that Ender’s Game has been made purely to tap into that YA audience that has so readily engaged with various ‘sci-fi light’ franchises. Is Ender’s Game a watered down sci-fi effort, much like The Hunger Games is in relation to Battle Royale?

Geek Start a Go Go- Geek Cred Series

| February 24, 2014

Geek Cred Banner

“It’s Finally Happening. A TV Series For ME!” How right you are. You may not even realize it yet.  Bealsebub Entertainment and Machine Gun Turtle have teamed up to produce GEEK CRED, a scripted workplace comedy series set within a comic book store, celebrating what it means to be a fan of comics and… well, […]

DVD Review: Naruto Shippuden The Movie – Blood Prison (2014)

| February 20, 2014


A manga about Ninjas with incredible abilities, which was later adapted into an anime about those same Ninjas, which was also released in Japanese theaters as animated feature films. Naruto has become a huge hit worldwide with an enormous fan base.

Movie Review: Grand Piano (2014)

| February 11, 2014


Grand Piano plays like a more mobile and less frantic Phone Booth. Eschewing the ‘punishing the wicked’ modus operandi from Phone Booth, it does keep the same kind of tension. However, to compare the two films is a bit unfair as the films are vastly different, but have the one common element tying them together.