Archaia Announces The Art of Mouse Guard Oversized Hardcover

| March 29, 2015


Earlier this evening, during the “10 Years of Mouse Guard” panel at Emerald City Comicon, BOOM! Studios’ imprint Archaia announced that The Art of Mouse Guard 2005-2015, an oversized hardcover that chronicles 10 years of David Petersen’s Einser and Harvey award-winning warrior mice, will go on sale July 2015. True to the square format of […]

Scholastic Reveals Cover to Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

| March 27, 2015


Yesterday, Scholastic revealed the cover to the first volume of their fully illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Collected here together with some other previously-released Harry Potter images by the artist, Jim Kay, readers can get a sense of the style that will pervade the illustrated Harry Potter.  Jim Kay won the […]

VIZ Media’s Haikasoru Imprint Debuts Kazuki Sakuraba’s Mystery, Red Girls: The Legend of the Akakuchibas

| March 26, 2015


Few imagined that the baby girl abandoned on the outskirts would grow up to marry into and become the matriarch of the illustrious Akakuchiba family, much less that she would be clairvoyant.  Then her daughter shocked the village by joining a motorcycle gang and becoming a famous manga artist.  But this is not their story, […]

The Princess Who Saved Herself Now Fourth Most Funded Children’s Book Kickstarter of All Time

| March 25, 2015


In two weeks, The Princess Who Saved Herself Kickstarter raised nearly seven times its target, hit four stretch goals, and become Kickstarter’s fourth most funded children’s book ever. The campaign is in its final day and concludes Thursday, March 26, at 10:05 AM EST. This morning, the Kickstarter reached its final stretch goal, guaranteeing super-sized […]

DC Entertainment Announces The Multiversity Deluxe Edition Hardcover

| March 23, 2015


Today, DC Entertainment announced that The Multiversity Deluxe Edition will be published on October 27th, giving Grant Morrison and DC’s superb artists the best possible presentation for the fan-favorite interpretations of DC superheroes. Grant Morrison’s Multiversity bends the fictional history and causality of the DC Universe, exploring 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse […]

Titan Comics’ New Editor Lizzie Kaye For European Graphic Novel Line

| March 23, 2015

Titan Comics announced last week that Lizzie Kaye, formerly of the British publisher SelfMadeHero, has joined Titan to expand Titan Comics’ line of English translations of bande dessinée and European graphic novels. The key mission statement of this line is “to bring the finest examples of bande dessinée from continental Europe to a brand new […]

The Princess Who Saved Herself Kickstarter: Ten Page Preview + Interview

| March 23, 2015


If you haunt Kickstarter, you may have already noticed The Princess Who Saved Herself, a children’s book interpretation of Jonathan Coulton’s song that has some other amazing talent involved, including Action Comics and Batman / Superman writer Greg Pak,  Mary Jane and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane artist Takeshi Miyazawa, colorist Jessica Kholinne (Voodoo, X-Treme X–Men), and […]

Fantagraphic Weekend Events, March 20th-March 22nd (Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco)

| March 20, 2015


Fantagraphics Books has released the following weekend calendar of events: Friday, March 20th Los Angeles, CA - Never has a book been so simultaneously gorgeous and gross; fun and filthy; entertaining and…icky? Intrigued yet? We thought so. Meet Johnny Ryan the mind and the man behind one of the most audacious comic series of the past decade, Angry Youth Comix. […]

Bookworms: Arrow – Heroes And Villains (2015)

| March 2, 2015

Source: Titan Books

We, the lovers of comic books, live in a world where our childhood dreams of seeing our favorite heroes and villains come to life is a reality. Most people think of movies like Iron Man and Man Of Steel, but what about the small screen? Again, we are fortunate. This time, on a weekly basis. […]

Manga Review: Master Keaton Vol. 1

| February 18, 2015


To describe Taichi Hiraga Keaton in a high concept premise statement, you’d say he was “Indiana Jones as an insurance investigator.” However, the hero of Master Keaton is much more than that juicy pitch. To begin with, his unique skill set was developed at two preeminent British institutions, Oxford and the Special Air Service (SAS), […]

Bookworms: Dueling Neurosurgeons (2014) by Sam Kean

| February 17, 2015

Dueling Neurosurgeons

The human brain is a fascinating, seldom understood organ of enormous complexity. Sometimes it teaches us the most when it goes wrong, whether due to illness or injury.

Key Issues: A Review of Scribd, the New “Netflix for Comics”

| February 14, 2015


On Tuesday, Scribd—once dubbed the “Netflix for e-books” by Wired—added to its vast book library 10,000 comic books from the publishers Marvel, Archie, IDW, Top Shelf, BOOM! Studios, Valiant, and others.  The creation of a relatively comprehensive digital subscription service was a long time in coming, but it was foreshadowed when publishers created their own services, […]