The Art of the Brick: DC Comics Touring Exhibition Announced

| February 25, 2015

Warner Bros. Consumer Products is collaborating with The Art of the Brick to create large-scale LEGO sculptures, inspired by DC Comics Super Heroes and Super-Villains, for a touring exhibition this Fall 2015. “This is an amazing opportunity as an artist to be granted the privilege to bring the pages of DC Comics to life and […]

Four Colour Grails new player in mystery box market

| February 23, 2015


Mystery bags and loot boxes are all the rage these days, and a Canadian company has joined in on the fun. Four Colour Grails, based in the suburbs of Toronto, was born out of the love of comic books according to Alexandra Kubrak, Chief Media Officer. “George (Louro, FCG’s president) has been working in convention […]

Key Issues : Eternal Ephemera, Symptomatic Adolescents, and Genre-phobic Snobs

| February 22, 2015


(Editor’s Note: this article originally appeared on April 28th, 2014.) There’s an anecdote Charlie Brown told once (6/11/1979), in which he relates how he was lightly mocked by a drugstore owner for purchasing, and presumably for reading, comic books. This experience, unfortunately, is not uncommon, although it is mainly a distant memory for older fans […]

The Mind of Scott: Thoughts from an Aquafan

| February 21, 2015


Part of my morning ritual every day is grabbing my phone and heading over to Twitter to see what’s been happening while I slept. On Thursday night, the answer for this life-long Aquaman fan was a great deal. Director Zack Snyder tweeted out a photo of Jason Momoa, best known as Khal Drago from Game […]

Retailers Order 5.6 Million Free Comic Book Day Comics

| February 20, 2015

FCBD15 with date_rectangle

In expectation of record attendance at this year’s Free Comic Book Day, comic shops have ordered more than 5.6 million free comic books, which is a 21& increase over 2014′s order. There’s an 8% increase in participating stores as well, with 2,340 specialty shops across the US, Canada, and internationally offering FCBD titles. Observed on […]

Doug Jones to Join Arrow as Deathbolt

| February 18, 2015


IGN is reporting that Doug Jones is joining the cast of Arrow as the super-powered villain Deathbolt. Back when Flash was taking off, the producers talked about it opening them up to the possibility of having more super-powered characters on the show, that they realized that they can do it without upsetting the balance and […]

Watch Now: DC All-Access 303 “Bizarro World Trailer + Exclusive Infinite Crisis Harley Gameplay”

| February 17, 2015

DC All Access 303 is now online with first looks at the Bizarro Lego Batman 3 DLC trailer and Infinite Crisis Harley Quinn skins.  Jason Inman and Tiffany Smith also put the spotlight on Justice League #39, DC Collectibles at the New York Toy Fair, and the Mad Max: Fury Road comics announced by Vertigo. […]

Key Issues: A Review of Scribd, the New “Netflix for Comics”

| February 14, 2015


On Tuesday, Scribd—once dubbed the “Netflix for e-books” by Wired—added to its vast book library 10,000 comic books from the publishers Marvel, Archie, IDW, Top Shelf, BOOM! Studios, Valiant, and others.  The creation of a relatively comprehensive digital subscription service was a long time in coming, but it was foreshadowed when publishers created their own services, […]

Weird Al Yankovic Becomes First Guest Editor of Mad Magazine

| February 12, 2015


2015 Grammy winner, comedian, and pop culture giant “Weird Al” Yankovic announced via Twitter today that he will be the first-ever guest editor of MAD Magazine in its 533rd issue, which hits newsstands April 21. Weird Al will write an introduction to the issue, contribute (along with some celebrity friends) to the Fund”AL”ini Pages, and […]

Vertigo Releases Mad Max Hardcover and Miniseries to Coincide with Film Release in May

| February 12, 2015


Vertigo announced today its collaboration on two different projects with Mad Max: Fury Road director, producer and co-writer George Miller. The Deluxe Edition hardcover, Mad Max: Fury Road: Inspired Artists, features sixty-five top artists using double-page spreads to interpert the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max: Fury Road. Participating artists include Lee Bermejo, Dave McKean, Cliff […]

Watch Now: DC All Access 302, “LEGO Bizarro League Exclusive + Convergence”

| February 10, 2015

In this Bizarro episode of DC All Access, Tiffany Smith and Jason Inman debut an exclusive mini clip from today’s release of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League.  (Hint: There’s nothing mini about the figure that stars in it.)   Mortal Kombat X #2 and Batgirl #39 are previewed.  Jason Inman […]

Goodbye New 52: New Books, Creative Teams and Continuing Series Announced by DC Comics

| February 6, 2015

Justice League America

DC Comics just announced 24 new series and 25 returning series for its comic book lineup in June; ultimately ending the New 52 imprint. While the current story continuity will remain the same, DC Comics will no longer use the New 52 label that’s been all over its books since the 2011 reboot. Come June, […]