Oni Press has relased previews of next week’s arrivals, including The Coldest WinterHeartthrob Volume 1, The Mighty Zodiac #6, and Space Battle Lunchtime #7, as well as the second printing of Motro #1.

Official previews:

(W) Antony Johnston
(A/CA) Steven Perkins
AGE RANGE: 15 and up
GENRE: Crime, Espionage
PRICE: $19.99
Writer Antony Johnston and artist Steven Perkins return to Cold War-era Berlin for this prequel to The Coldest City.
After a string of botched assignments for MI6 in Berlin, David Perceval is being sent home. Even his final mission before leaving—the defection of a Soviet scientist—goes badly wrong, as the coldest winter for 30 years descends on Europe.
With transport out of Berlin impossible, and the KGB searching everywhere for their lost scientist, Perceval must improvise a deadly game of cat and mouse through the frozen city to keep the Russians at bay, and deliver his own unique brand of revenge!

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(W) Christopher Sebela
(A/CA) Robert Wilson IV
(C) Nick Filardi
AGE RANGE: 15 and up
GENRE: Crime
PRICE: $9.99
Callie was born with a bad heart. After it ruined her life, she went looking for a miracle: a heart transplant. Now she’s got a brand new heart, but she’s still stuck with a crappy job, crappy boyfriend, and crappy prospects.
Enter Mercer, a mystery man who gets Callie’s heart beating like crazy. As her behavior changes and their flirting deepens, Mercer reveals he’s her heart donor. Only Callie can see, speak to, and touch him—and he’s in love with her, a love she feels just as strongly.
A master thief when he died, Mercer offers to teach Callie his criminal ways and how to turn them against her old job and kick off a nationwide crime spree. Hunted by the FBI and popping heart meds to stay alive, Callie will find out that nothing’s as scary as two people in love with nothing to lose.
This volume collects the first five issues of one of 2016’s most critically acclaimed new series. This 70’s crime comic mixes romance and heists in a story about second chances, Fleetwood Mac, and a bank robbery spree fueled by love and revenge. Priced at only $9.99, it’s an easy hand-sell to fans of titles like Sex Criminals or Fight Club, making it a perfect opportunity to hook new readers prior to the continuation of the monthly series in early 2017.

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(W) Ulises Fariñas with Erick Freitas
(A/CA) Ulises Fariñas
(C) Ryan Hill
AGE RANGE: 16 and up
GENRE: Adventure
PRICE: $3.99
A reclusive young boy with superhuman strength follows a prophecy from his dead father on a mission to save people, but when he finds the area villagers are less than thrilled by his noble intentions and he faces adversaries both human and magical-mechanical, what will it take to fulfill his destiny? Can his miniature talking motorcycle help? From illustrator and intricate world-builder Ulises Fariñas (IDW’s Judge Dredd), comes the first story in the life and legend of a fantasy hero for the ages.

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(W) J. Torres
(A/CA) Corin Howell
(C) Maarta Laiho
AGE RANGE: 8 and up
GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure
PRICE: $3.99
It’s the final battle between The Mighty Zodiac and the Moon Rabbit Army! Great Tiger Ho has been transformed. Master Long is transformed. And Rabbit One has a game changing transformation of his own before the dust settles at Twilight’s Bastion. Who will be the last warriors standing?

mightyz-6-marketing_preview-1 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-2 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-3 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-4 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-5mightyz-6-marketing_preview-6 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-7 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-8 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-9mightyz-6-marketing_preview-10 mightyz-6-marketing_preview-11

(W/A/C/CA) Natalie Riess
AGE RANGE: 8 and up
GENRE: Sci-fi
PRICE: $3.99
With a little help from fellow contestant Neptunia, Peony makes it out of Cannibal Coliseum before she gets skewered. But if they don’t get back to the Space Battle Lunchtime studio on the double, both Neptunia and Peony will forfeit their spots in the finale! It’s a race to the finish in this penultimate issue!

sblt-7-marketing_preview-1 sblt-7-marketing_preview-2 sblt-7-marketing_preview-3 sblt-7-marketing_preview-4 sblt-7-marketing_preview-5 sblt-7-marketing_preview-6 sblt-7-marketing_preview-7 sblt-7-marketing_preview-8 sblt-7-marketing_preview-9sblt-7-marketing_preview-10

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