Wolverine Cover


Nerdspan’s Graphic Novel Roundtable RETURNS on Friday July 26This month we’re reading Chris Claremont’s and Frank Miller’s Wolverine Vol. 1 #1-4, aka “the Japan Saga”, just in time for the release of the latest Wolverine movie (which draws heavily from those very Claremont/Miller issues). Originally published as Wolverine Vol. 1 #1-4 Claremont and Miller’s story is a long-acknowledged classic of the comics world, and should hopefully provoke some interesting (and possibly heated) discussions. Why not pick up it up, try it out, and join us back here on Friday July 26?


If you’re interested in reading along you’ve got a number of enormously exciting options: You can buy the collected version of the tale through outlets like Amazon, you can purchase the individual issues or the collected edition at a reasonable price from Comixology, you can use your Marvel Unlimited subscription to read the issues, or (and this is the best option, without a doubt) you can visit your local, neighborhood comic shops and dig through their longboxes in order to find the original issues themselves! Some younger Nerdspan readers may not yet understand the visceral thrill of tracking down these bagged-and-boarded treasures, with their vintage ads, their letter columns, and the distinctive (possibly hallucinogenic) aroma of aging ink and pulp, but be assured that it is fun, and that your efforts reward not only yourselves but also those valiant souls who choose to operate comics shops in today’s, shall we say, constricted economic environment.


Is the “Japan Saga” the classic that it’s been made out to be? Argue with us about it on July 26 here on Nerdspan, where we’re the best there is at what we do – and what we do is read comics.

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