BBC America has released three new pictures from the series 10 opener, “The Pilot,” which will air on April 15th, 2017.  I’ve added these to a previously released picture, as well as to a new piece of key art that BBC released March 13th.


Little is known about “The Pilot,” except that it introduces Pearl Mackie’s new companion character, and is written by Steven Moffat.  Additionally, it was part of a filming block that included the second episode, which may or may not indicate continuity.  This two episode filming block was directed by Lawrence Gough and produced by Peter Bennett.  And there’s a long time fan favorite supporting character in at least two of the pictures:  The Corridor.

Also, if you missed it, the BBC also released from the two part series 10 finale this single image, which will make fans of 1960s Doctor Who pretty happy, as it reveals the Doctor fighting Mondasian Cybermen:

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is pictured with the Mondasian Cybermen – the original version of the Doctor’s deadly enemies who hail from the planet Mondas and have not been seen in Doctor Who for over fifty years.

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