The Empire tried to shut us down recently, but we prevailed( we had cookies) and are bringing you another fine episode of the Wookiee Radio podcast. We start off with Mike giving a shout out to a band that he recently had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with called Bodh’aktan. Next, we move on to discuss the breaking news that actor Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian in the upcoming young Han Solo movie. This announcement leads to a discussion about how exactly Han acquires the Millennium Falcon from Lando, and we later read a rumor that that question will be answered in the film.

Next, we recap the Rebels cartoon, discussing the four episodes that have aired since our last recording and giving quick highlights and comments from each episode. Afterwards, we move on to discuss, with great excitement, the latest trailer for the Rogue One movie coming out in less than two months. We then move on to talk about the various Lego sets coming out for the Rogue One move, then briefly move on to talk about the Battlefront X-Wing mission coming out for the Playstaion VR system in time for the holiday season before moving back to talk about more Lego goodness.

Next, we talk about the recently announced Star Wars comic based on the Dr. Aphra character from the recently ended Darth Vader comic. Talking about this comic leads us into a lengthy discussion about the two assassin droids from the Darth Vader comic, BT-1 and Triple Zero. Next, we go over the comics coming out in the next few weeks, then take a trip down memory lane to finish the episode as we discuss an article about the five Star Wars videogames that actually exceeded their hype.


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