In the second episode of Wookiee Radio, we start off the show with that sad announcement of the passing of Kenny Baker, best known as the man inside R2-D2. Rest in Peace Mr. Baker, you will be missed. We then move on to discuss the possibility of a Star Wars television show coming to the ABC network sometime in the future. After that, we talk about the rumors and hopes of a potential Boba Fett movie some day in the not too distant future. Movie talk leads us into a discussion about the fantastic Rogue One trailer that came out earlier in the week, and we discuss an article that talks about the 9 highlights from the trailer that we are all excited about. We also talk about the possible influence of Dave Filoni on the movie, and then discuss the extended role of writer Tony Gilroy on the film as well.
From there, we move on to a discussion about The Force Awakens being released as a 3-D collector’s edition, and talk about our thoughts on that. Mike, our resident audio engineer, talks about his obsession with collecting Star Wars media of all kinds, and then we continue talking about the extras that will found on the 3-D collector’s edition.
We then take a break to participate in a quiz about Emperor Palpatine before giving a preiew of the Star Wars comic books coming out in the next week. Finally, we end the show with the announcement of the winner of the CAD audio contest we ran in our first episode, and give the winner a hearty congratulations.

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