The sixth installment of J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate, Magical Must-Haves, arrived with enough useful items to stock Arthur Weasley’s cold desk at The Ministry of Magic, including a scarf, a stationery set, erasers, and a pen modeled after a famous holly wand with a phoenix feather core, as well as a Horcrux that found its way to the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects by mistake.

My favorite item was the Honeydukes eraser set, which included four erasers shaped like the magical candies available in the Hogsmeade sweets shop or on the Hogwarts Express. Included in the set are what look like a Chocolate Cauldron, a Chocolate Frog, a Chocolate Skeleton, and a Jelly Slug. Harry Potter trivia buffs may know that the Chocolate Skeletons were not originally in the books, but a contribution from Alfonso Cuaron’s adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Usually I like to get some use out of fandom items, because you only live once, but these erasers are such a wonderful in-universe fandom collectible, manifesting the Harry Potter story in the real world, that in this case, looking at them may be the best way for me to enjoy them.

My second favorite item this month was the Hogwarts House scarf, which arrived bearing whichever House crest the subscriber selected: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor. The Gryffindor scarf was of excellent quality, made of red and gold acrylic, and fringed with alternating red and gold tassels; at 86 inches long (94 inches from tassel to tassel), and double knit, this scarf has a ton of volume, and will keep your neck warm in the upcoming winter months, or while working in a cold cubicle in the Ministry of Magic. This is now the longest fandom scarf that I own, out-measuring my Fourth Doctor scarf by several inches.

Loot Crate’s Horcrux pin series continues with Salazar Slytherin’s Locket, another outstanding double pin-back that supports a weighty and eye-catching enamel pin decorated with the Slytherin serpent, cryptic writing, and magical symbols.

Magical Must-Haves also contained the Harry Potter’s wand pen, which is the second wand pen to appear in the subscription service, as Severus Snape’s wand pen appeared in Defence Against the Dark Art. These superb molded pens have comfortable heft, and the Olivanders packaging has that snug new box feel, that creates a split-second of suspense as the top slides slowly from the bottom with only a whisper-click of air. At 7 1/4” long, it isn’t a 1:1 replica of the 11” Harry Potter wand, but who wants to write with an 11” pen?

While the MACUSA stationery set is the second stationery set included in the Wizarding World subscription, both are completely distinct and very cool items to have, although since Loot Crate won’t send me a magical owl, I can’t reply to my Hogwarts invitation. Even if I’m stuck in the Muggle world, I’m going to have entirely too much fun with these MACUSA post-its, and I can always use two more paper clip bookmarks, a tablet, and a folder.  

Magical Must-Haves was another excellent entry in what became my favorite Loot Crate subscription with its first box, and continues to wow me every other month with a wave of Potter Fever.  Just as the magical candies and trading cards from the Hogsmeade Express trolley in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone were one of Harry’s first experiences not with the wonder, splendor, and even horror (painful scar, talking to snakes at the zoo) of magic, but the joy and delight of the Wizarding World, so it was nice to get the Honeydukes eraser set, a Harry Potter artifact that wasn’t so concerned with the heavy schemes of Voldemort and the counter-plots of the heroes, but a reminder of the happy moments of Harry Potter, and why the Wizarding World was worth protecting.  The scarf, the Horcrux pin, Harry Potter wand pen, and MACUSA stationery set were also wonderful inclusions, all of which will receive a lot of love and use in this household of Pottermaniacs.

While Magical Must-Haves has been tucked into the Room of Requirement, you can currently pre-order the November Wizarding World Loot Crate box theme, Secrets of the Wizarding World.  Loot Crate’s dedicated page teases a few item spoilers: a wearable, a film replica, and the next Horcrux.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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