Josiah Black is a former sheriff turned drifter after his family was murdered. As he wanders the wasteland dispensing his own brand of justice, he discovers that supernatural creatures are real and living unnoticed with regular people. With a new purpose and a new anti-monster employer, Josiah Black sets about cleaning up the Wild West.

WesterNoir Review

If you’ve ever wanted more monsters in your westerns, WesterNoir is a great comic for you. This set of stories from Dave West and Gary Crutchley gives a dark horror twist to the traditional frontier setting with very pleasing results. The writing is impressive, giving you the feeling that something is always about to happen, and the black and white artwork complements it perfectly. The language of the period feels natural, even including a nice touch of using an old-time joined up writing when narrating. It’s simple but it really works for the comic.

Josiah Black is, like many of the best characters, a complicated man. He has his personal demons, the death of his family, alcohol abuse, violence which is a constant theme. Underneath he tries to be a good man and cares for the people he’s trying to save, even if he’s not too sentimental when something bad happens to them.

WesterNoir volume 1 collects books The Women With the Dead Eyes, SnakeSkin, The Crocodile Tears of the Louisiana Swamp Men, The Siren Song of the Mississippi Mermaids and Josiah Black: Wanted for Murder. The Women With the Dead Eyes is the pilot comic so to speak, where Josiah Black discovers that monsters are real. SnakeSkin and The Crocodile Tears of the Louisiana Swamp Men are when he really gets into the swing of things. The Siren Song of the Mississippi Mermaids brings out his more sensitive side, if he had one. Josiah Black: Wanted for Murder shows the hazards of being a demon hunter. It’s the sort of thing I could imagine working as a TV series, should any executives out there be looking for a new supernatural horror show.


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