Warframe loves dramatic updates and this week’s dev stream is no different. The update dropping today includes Weapon Buffs & Rebalances and Warframe Ability Changes that are fairly substantial. The weapon reworks are especially exciting, changing old flavorful weapons that were statistically inferior into meta-game viable options. Outside of the reworks, a load of new content is in store.

New Sounds

• Sounds effects from weapons and abilities are being normalized across the board, reducing those jarring moments where your speakers spike in volume and you reach to turn it down. Gunfire sound have enhanced echo and bass, with audible responses based on hit detection and distance. These will be adjustable within audio settings for player preference.


• A new family of Eidolons and enemy types were shown, hinted to be a part of a new open world expansion aimed to be released this year. This non-Teralyst Eidolon will be able to fly! One of the animation of this new Eidolon shows its arms reaching down as if to eat or collect resources, which may play a part in how players interact with the creature.

Spider Tanks for 2018 Expansion


• New (Possibly?) Grineer Spider-tanks that may appear for a special event or part of the hinted at expansion zone.

This new zone will be heavily Corpus influenced and set on Venus.

The Removal of Raids / Trials

Raids/Trials will be indefinitely removed from the game on February 28th. Essentially, too few players participate for the complex technical maintenance it takes Digital Extremes to integrate in attempts to improve the content. The two current raids (Law of Retribution and Jordas Verdict) are bizarre puzzles that involve a lot of standing still on platforms, which is the antithesis of Warframe’s blazing fast core gameplay. Arcane Enhancements that previously dropped from raids will be integrated into the Plains of Eidolon, and 15 of these Arcanes will be buffed with the update. Basically the current Raids kinda suck so they’re being removed and replaced with something better.

The New Dark Sector – The Ultimate End Game

*Dark Sector was a bizarre PvE/PvP experiment that has been disabled for a long time. A completely new take on this concept is being work on that sounds remarkably similar to Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts – which is not a complaint. This sounds like the perfect endgame for Warframe.

You start by entering a portal that takes you to your first area. Four beacons are spread out through the area, requiring kills made within proximity to progress;  visual tether of energy tying your frame to the beacon to notify that it is charging. Once you charge all four beacons, your team has twenty seconds to escape through the next portal. This leads to the next area, new tile set, different enemies, and a new mutator similar to what we’ve seen on Nightmare missions and Sorties. With each new dimension you cross through, the power level of the enemies rise. You have 20 Minutes to get through as many zones as possible. There is no limit to how far you can get. Leaderboards will be featured, which sounds remarkably similar to the Seasonal Leaderboards of Diablo 3. The “core reward loop” has yet to be decided upon, though if Raids are being disabled this seems like the perfect new home for Arcanes – which are getting an interface update new Arcane equipping!

Pet MOAs

Pet MOAs will be added as a new companion type. You’ll be able to customize the head-cannon, the front torso and the box on its back. Cute, but now I’m going to feel so conflicted about committing mass genocide on these little dudes! I suppose I should have felt that anyway considering Kavat and Kubrow have long been staple foes of this game. As you can see here, Operators can finally interact with pets on the ship.

New & Reworked Operator Hair

New Operator hair options are being added, as well as an upgrade to the “hair tech” so that previous hairstyle will also look better.

Khora Delayed

The terribly received Damage 2.5 will not be featured anytime soon, and the new Warframe Khora was delayed as a result. Apparently many of Khora’s abilities relied on the new versions of physical damage, so she’s internally being revised as a result. There are even more Warframe reworks coming soon, so Khora has taken a lower priority over the next few weeks.

No More Crappy Fonts

When I first started playing Warframe, I noticed the low-resolution of the User Interface’s fonts. Considering the game is played at 4k on television screen through gaming consoles, the text ends up unbearably ugly and pixelated. Now font will scale properly, helping Warframe appropriately less like an indie game, which it hasn’t really been for awhile.

And More

Unspecified changes to The Index are coming soon! It is a weird and broken game type that is unfortunately the most efficient way to make credits at the moment. Any changes to this are good news for everyone.

FREE GOODIES! Sweet rewards are available in game and easily acquired! Three Orokin Reactor alerts will be up for the next three days, items essential to increasing a Warframe’s power. When the Shrine of the Eidolon update drops today or tomorrow, players will have a week to claim a “Weapon Review Pack” as they referred to it on the developer stream. This includes an Exilus Adaptor, three Forma, and a 3-Day Affinity Booster.

Outside the mention of some new lightning and Dojo object placement improvement, that about covers it for what went down on the Warframe’s Dev Stream for this week. While the reworks are immediately refreshing, I’m most excited for the hints at the new expansion on Venus. Fighting enemies as big as the Spider Tanks or the “Flydolon” are a rare occurrence, and I look forward to conquering foes that aren’t the same size as my Warframe.

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