ThinkGeek announced their foray into subscription boxes with the new ThinkGeek Capsule. Included in each capsule are a variety of collectibles and exclusives including home/office items and apparel. Capsule #1 is already sold out, but check out their website for capsules 2 and 3!

We want everyone to embrace their inner geek, and the ThinkGeek Capsule is our monthly mystery box that gives you the fun of a blind box with the security of knowing you’re getting gear hand-selected by ThinkGeek.

The capsule itself was packaged well in a larger cardboard box packed with paper. The capsule is the beautiful grey, green, and white that’s the trademark of everything ThinkGeek.

Though I knew roughly what would be included, I honestly had no idea what to expect. “Exclusives” and “collectibles” are pretty broad terms to a pop-culture collector like me, but I was not disappointed. There were two exclusive enamel pins, including Timmy the Monkey and a cute little mana bottle from Pinz.

There was also a bonus item in Capsule #1: a set of cards.

I got the deck for THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss.

There was also a really cool stainless steel cup called the Magical Mixing Pony Pint. There were seven colors in all, but I received the blue. It’s so pretty! I’ll feel all magic-y and princess-y when I use it. It’s shorter but slightly wider than a standard pint, but it seems to hold a similar volume.

Next are the clothing items: a Legend of Zelda t-shirt and a pair of Hogwarts alumni socks. The shirt they sent me was too small, so it’ll go to a new home, but I’ll happily wear the socks!

Each box also includes a gift card ranging from $5 to $100. Mine turned out to be worth $5 I’ll use on a later ThinkGeek purchase!

Last but not least is a Power Armor Helmet piggy bank from Fallout 4. I don’t play the game, but it came in a cute little television box and it’s pretty awesomely detailed!

Overall this box is on par — if not better — than LootCrate and NerdBlock. The items in here will definitely be used more than some of the LC and NB ones, though they all kind of cater to different geeks. Personally, I’ve always loved ThinkGeek’s items, and was super excited to see they were finally offering a blind subscription box.


Check it out if you haven’t yet!

ThinkGeek provided a capsule for review.

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