The Bridge

Crossing The Bridge with Ty Taylor
5 years ago

Crossing The Bridge with Ty Taylor

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The Bridge LogoI guide the protagonist of The Bridge, an older gentleman, to a wall. The character can’t jump, but he obviously needs to get to the door, which is on a higher ledge. To get him to the door, I turn the world; the wall becomes the floor, and I’m able to lead him to the door. This is the world of The Bridge, the first game from developer Ty Taylor. The Bridge is a 2D puzzle game that mixes the physics of Isaac Newton and the mind-bending architecture of M.C. Escher. The art, beautifully done by Mario Castaneda, is in the style of black-and-white lithographs, giving the game an otherworldly yet realistic feel. According to Newton, objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and in the game this is true. The Menace, a large ball that smiles and frowns, is heavy, so once it starts barreling towards the protagonist, you have to turn the world, finessing the world so its pieces go where you want them to. Each object in The Bridge has its own weight and properties, and the adherence to Newtonian physics throughout the game impressed me. Intrigued by the game, I contacted Ty Taylor, and we discussed The Bridge by email.

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