Key Issues : Must There Be a Lois Lane?

| January 30, 2015


(Editor’s Note:  This essay originally appeared on Nerdspan on November 27th, 2013.) The title of this article is taken from one of the most cited Bronze Age Superman stories, Elliot S! Maggin’s story, “Must There Be a Superman,” in which Superman ponders whether his existence does more harm than good. Recently DC Comics has been […]

Truth. Justice. Liberty. Hope. Relevance.

| July 4, 2014


DC and Marvel each have a character that embodies the “best” of the United States of America. Both of these characters are recognised as leaders in their worlds. They are respected by their colleagues and considered living legends by the people. Yet they are wildly at the extremes of the power spectrum. One is a […]

They Call Him The Man Of Tomorrow

| June 11, 2014


After reading Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche’s Wall Street Journal editorial of Sunday (our Monday), we wanted to dive right in with a refutation. Partly because the piece is riddled with factual errors and misrepresentations and we are both proud enough of the history of our hobby (and being fair, pedantic enough) to want to […]

Key Issues : The “Jumping-On Point,” or Fearlessly Entering the Black Hole of Continuity

| March 27, 2014


In 1999, DC Comics released special millionth issues of all of their comics as part of a crossover event. Obviously, as DC Comics releases monthly comics and has only been in existence since the 1930s, their main titles were only celebrating issues in the 700 numbers at the time. Releasing these fictional millionth issues was […]

Key Issues : Fan Rage and the Action Figure Aesthetic

| March 8, 2014


Currently, the second best way to start a controversy is to say out loud at a comic shop how happy you are with the casting in comic book movies. You could mention most of the recent castings, whether Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Ben Affleck as Batman, or […]

Movie Review: The Lego Movie (2014)

| February 10, 2014


With movies based on toy franchises getting a bad rap these days, one would think that a toy as basic as LEGO would be a guaranteed stinker. The LEGO Movie is surprisingly good and is worthy enough for anyone of any age to watch.

Batman and Superman Arrive on Amazon Instant Video

| December 1, 2013

Batman Superman

Arguably two of the best and well-respected superhero cartoons by Warner Bros. Animation, Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series are now available to watch online for Amazon Prime members.

Artist Alley: Superheroes In Their Ben Cooper Costumes

| October 30, 2013


It’s almost time for Halloween and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to show off superheroes dress in cheaply made costume of themselves? Especially when it’s drawn by comic book illustrator Karl Heitmueller Jr.

Comic Review: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

| October 9, 2013


When I was a kid, I always thought that Superman and Wonder Woman were a couple. It just makes sense, right? In my mind they were the main male and female heroes, so of course they kissed and held hands sometimes. Then again, I thought He-Man and She-Ra were a couple, too, so what did […]

Rainfall Films On How To Make A Brilliant Wonder Woman Film

| October 1, 2013

Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman

Fans rejoice, for there is a way to cast Wonder Woman. There is a way to make her costume relevant and still evoke its traditional roots. There is a way to show the emotional strength and moral steel of a character such as this.

Friday Favorites: Favorite Comic Book Bromances

| September 20, 2013

Superman/Batman Annual #1

It’s Friday and Josh had a bit of a lack of time this week, so I’ve stepped in to talk about a very serious thing: Bromances. While romances are are all fine and good, there’s another special kind of relationship; a completely platonic relationship between two guys that transcends mere friendship. These two guys are both […]

Ben Affleck on Batman Casting and Internet Outrage

| September 17, 2013

Ben Affleck

After being cast as the new Batman in the forthcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, Ben Affleck finally opens up on being the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel and the internet hate that followed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.