Truth. Justice. Liberty. Hope. Relevance.

| July 4, 2014


DC and Marvel each have a character that embodies the “best” of the United States of America. Both of these characters are recognised as leaders in their worlds. They are respected by their colleagues and considered living legends by the people. Yet they are wildly at the extremes of the power spectrum. One is a […]

Key Issues : Fan Rage and the Action Figure Aesthetic

| March 8, 2014


Currently, the second best way to start a controversy is to say out loud at a comic shop how happy you are with the casting in comic book movies. You could mention most of the recent castings, whether Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Ben Affleck as Batman, or […]

Ben Affleck on Batman Casting and Internet Outrage

| September 17, 2013

Ben Affleck

After being cast as the new Batman in the forthcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, Ben Affleck finally opens up on being the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel and the internet hate that followed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Mass Murderer of Steel Pokes Fun of Superman Blockbuster

| June 25, 2013

Mass Murderer of Steel

In an effort to critique the overblown devastation seen in the recently released “Man of Steel” movie, American cartoonist and comic book writer Kyle John Baker created a web browser game that mocks the film’s ridiculous destruction.

Podcast Special: The Bastardcast vs. The Man of Steel

| June 23, 2013

Bill Murray mos

The boys from The Bastardcast are back and this time they’re talking ALL about ‘The Man of Steel’ with Blastr writer Matthew Jackson. Did Superman soar or suck? Listen to their take.

Movie Review: Man of Steel (2013)

| June 15, 2013

man of steel poster

Man of Steel tries to tell an interesting origin story, but gives us a mess instead. The film is inconsistent with its rules, spends too much time explaining everything, and takes too long to tell an origin story.

Movie Review: Man Of Steel (2013)

| June 15, 2013


If the Dark Knight trilogy is Christopher Nolan’s gritty, street level, crime-drama version of the Batman epic, then Man Of Steel (which Nolan produced) is director Zack (Watchmen) Snyder’s crazy, science-fiction version of the Superman legend, in which the Man Of Tomorrow’s formative adventure is presented through the lens of a full-on alien invasion disaster […]

An Interview with Scott Snyder

| June 14, 2013

Detail from the cover of Superman Unchained #1. Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Scott Snyder has worked his way to the top of the creative heap at DC Comics with his work on Batman, Swamp Thing and the breakout Vertigo hit, American Vampire. Now Snyder is handling writing chores on Vertigo’s hot release”The Wake” with Sean Murphy and helming DC’s big summer launch, “Superman: Unchained. NerdSpan sat down with the writer and teacher to find out more about his newest superhero book.

Movie Review: Man Of Steel (2013)

| June 13, 2013


British actor Henry Cavill does a fine job donning the red cape. With Zack Snyder directing and David Goyer and Chris Nolan writing the script, Man of Steel is sure to please all audiences.

Review: Superman Unchained #1

| June 12, 2013


Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s Superman Unchained #1 is hitting stands at just the right time. Never mind that movie that’s coming out later this week – it’s a given that DC would schedule a first issue ‘jumping on’ point for new readers to coincide with the release of their summer Superman blockbuster. No, Superman […]

Box Office Back Issues: Superman: The Movie (1978)

| May 15, 2013


There’s a tendency over the last decade or so for a segment of fandom to write off Superman: The Movie as a quaint, dated relic of the pre-Marvel Studios, pre-CGI era, a campy speedbump along the road to true superhero movie greatness. A lot of the antipathy towards it seems to be of the “Why […]

Should Man of Steel be PG-13?

| May 1, 2013

Man of Steel

Greg Rucka’s recent plea for a Superman film staying at PG raises an important question about the upcoming PG-13 rated Man of Steel. Will Superman’s younger fans be left in the dust for his latest flick?