Sherlock: A Study in Pink #2 continues with Holmes and Watson in full flow. Well, it’s full flow for Holmes with some flow for Watson, mixed in with mild confusion and huge admiration for the genius of Holmes. In issue 1, Holmes meets Watson as they look for somewhere to live. Watson learns very quickly that Holmes has a secret life assisting the police, and can’t resist learning more about his new flatmate. In Sherlock: A Study in Pink #2 there’s news of another death. Holmes and Watson are soon on their way across London to help the police, where Holmes is convinced the latest victim had a suitcase. Sherlock 2 Preview 3

If you’re familiar with Sherlock: A Study in Pink #1 you’ll know what to expect. This is the same story as the TV Sherlock episode also called A Study in Pink, presented in a manga style which was originally released in Japanese and now translated into English. Holmes and Watson have an excellent manga look which still retains the Cumberbatch and Freeman appearance. The fast-pace of Holmes explaining and the sudden confusion and resigned gesture of a suddenly abandoned Watson are very suited to comics.

As with #1, Sherlock: A Study in Pink #2 is ideal for fans of manga and Sherlock. If you’ve not seen the TV series it is a new and exciting story. If you have seen it you’ll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Sherlock.

Sherlock 2 Preview 2 Sherlock 2 Preview 1

Concept by: Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss

Writer: Steven Moffat

Artist: Jay.

FC – 32PP – $3.99 – ON SALE: Jul 13


Cover A: Jay.

Cover B: Photo

Cover C: Claudia Iannicello 




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