Cryptozoic’s second game in their line of party games based on Rick and Morty episodes, the Rick and Morty Mr. Meseeks’ Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares, arrives on shelves tomorrow.  The theme of this game comes from the first season favorite, “Meseeks and Destroy.”

While this looks like a great addition for tabletop game enthusiasts, the big draw here is for Rick and Morty fans that want to prove their inner Jerry and own their very own working Meseeks Box.  Well, it doesn’t produce a Mr. Meseeks, but it does speak in Mr. Meseeks’ voice, from recordings of Justin Roiland.

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You can find the NerdSpan review of the previous game in this series, the Rick and Morty Total Rickall Card Game, by following this embedded hyperlink.

Official press release and game description:

Cryptozoic Entertainment Announces Release of
Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks’ Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares

New Dice Game Based on the Rick and Morty Episode “Meeseeks and Destroy”
to Be Released August 3rd

Lake Forest, CA – August 2, 2016– Cryptozoic Entertainment (, leading creator of board games, trading cards, and collectibles, is pleased to announce the release of Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares on August 3, 2016.

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Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks’ Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares Cover Art
Looking for help on a task that you just can’t bring yourself to do? Is that never-ending to-do list adding to the stress of your already complicated life? Need to take a stroke off your golf score? Then, this is the game you’ve been looking for! In Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares, the objective is to score enough Victory Points to win. You can earn Victory Points (VPs) by completing Requests and performing Dares. The harder the Request, the more VPs it is worth. All Dares are worth 1 VP, no matter how demeaning they are (and they get pretty demeaning . . . trust us).

So, for example, say your Request card is “Read the End-User Agreement for My Phone.” First, you will attempt to complete the Request via a dice roll. If you are unable to allocate the required dice to the Request, you press the button on top of the sweet Meeseeks Box and draw a Mr. Meeseeks card. He wants to help you! If he can help you complete the Request, he can happily die! If you don’t complete the Request, you’ll have to do an embarrassing Dare. If you continue failing to complete your Request using your dice and Mr. Meeseeks cards, you’ll draw more Meeseeks and do more Dares turn after turn. Things can quickly get out of hand: The Meeseeks can turn against you and try to kill you! So, try not to be such a failure; otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a Jerry in front of all your friends!

Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks’ Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares will be the latest game from Cryptozoic Entertainment based on Rick and Morty, the original comedy animated series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Adult Swim. The game will be available at select retail stores, as well as online.

Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks’ Box ‘o Fun: Game of Dice & Dares Product Image

Product details:

24 Dice
30 Hit Point Tokens
35 Request Cards
60 Dare Cards
50 Mr. Meeseeks Cards
1 30-Second Sand Timer
1 Meeseeks Box and Button with Audio voiced by Justin Roiland
1 Rulebook

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