With movies based on toy franchises getting a bad rap these days, one would think that a toy as basic as LEGO would be a guaranteed stinker. The LEGO Movie is surprisingly good and is worthy enough for anyone of any age to watch.

The story focuses on Emmet (Chris Pratt), a construction worker who is so generic that his nearly identical co-workers hardly notice him at work. During a normal day of work, Emmet discovers a strange relic that winds up attached to his back and causes him to get kidnapped. While getting interrogated by a police office named Bad Cop (Liam Neeson), he is rescued by Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks), a Master Builder who can build useful objects with blocks that are near her.

After saving Emmet (and realizing he can’t really build much without instructions), WildStyle warns him that the popular businessman President Business (Will Ferrell) is planning to use a relic called the Kragle to threaten all the different LEGO worlds. She also tells him of the prophecy of The Special, a highly skilled builder who is supposed to use the Piece of Resistance, the relic stuck on Emmet’s back, to stop Kragle. Emmit joins a team of Master Builders, that includes an old wise man (Morgan Freeman), an energetic space man (Charlie Day), and Batman (Will Arnett), in an effort to foil Lord Business’ plans to freeze (glue) everything in place.


Wildstyle making the save!

When it comes to visuals, The LEGO Movie is as amazing as amazing can get. The animation stays consistent in regards to how LEGO mini-figures move, how LEGO machines operate, and how LEGO skyscrapers stand erect. It is also one of the few movies that make great use of the 3D aspect without creating scenes that yell “We’re in 3D Land!”

When it comes to the performance of the main cast, everyone does their part. In addition to that, there are quite a few surpise characters that will have you (regardless of age) jumping for joy and asking for more.

The LEGO Movie is not just good for a LEGO movie, but it’s a good movie. Period. If you can go out and see it, do so. And make sure you see it in 3D.



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