I’m a sucker for an indie comic, so when I came by Moments of Adventure at London Comic Con I had to stop and take a look. Moments of Adventure are self-contained stories with a comedy twist set throughout different periods of history.

Moments of AdventureInside we learn what really happened at the British Army’s greatest defeat (Day of the Dead Moon), see a highwayman face a corrupt official (Ye Erymanthian Boar), read what happens when a woman’s greatest fear is used against her (Bad Blood) and travel to Edinburgh (Come and Buy My Toys) to see if lost toys can save a Ghost Girl.

Moments of Adventure: Collection One has a simple but effective cartoon style and the comedy in the stories hits the mark. You can see where the stories are going but it’s a fun ride. Moments of Adventure is recommended for fans of a quirky comedy comic. Go and find them at your next UK Comic Con.

Moments of Adventure: Collection One is written by Colin Mathieson with art by Matt Soffe and Aljosa Tomic. Priced at £3.50, $4.95, €5 with 24 pages, it’s available from the Accent UK website.




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