IDW is just killing it with these properties that made up a large part of my childhood and I AM LOVING IT. I’ve reviewed their books on TMNT, G.I.Joe, Transformers, and now I get to do another one, Ghostbusters. If you’re a fan of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, then this book needs to be in your hands.


This TPB collects all the issues that make up this very interesting storyline, where the animated Ghostbusters meet their IDW counterparts, via being accidentally sent to their dimension while facing the big bad of this story, Proteus. This story has everything that made the original cartoon, and Ghostbusters in general, a beloved property. The writing is on point to the level that I can hear all the original voices in my Head while reading it. It’s like I was watching a multi-part episode of the original cartoon, only updated and cooler. Honestly, if they ever decided to animate this story the way DC has been doing with their properties…

Fry - Shut Up Money

The art, especially the scenes involving the animated Ghostbusters, is so wonderful. The attention to detail is so great that I almost thought they used some screencaps from the original cartoon. As a film lover (I am also the Editor of NerdSpan’s Movies section.), the front and back covers of this TPB are a great bonus. Inside this story, there’s even a bonus for fans of Extreme Ghostbusters. All I can say is, if you’re a Ghostbusters, then go get this book.

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