The debut issue of Dynamite’s James Bond series, released in advance of the 23rd motion picture of the world’s most famous spy, is a must-read for fans of the man who likes his martini shaken, not stirred.

Writer Warren Ellis and artist Jason Masters have been tasked with bringing Ian Fleming’s classic character to life in this new series, and if the first issue is any indication, they’re the perfect team for the job.

The series starts with a trademark Bond trope: the chase scene. It’s tense, thrilling and ends how you’d expect: with Bond standing tall. It’s also rather bloody, as Ellis and Masters clearly didn’t shy away from the dark side of tradecraft. The pages-long chase boasts gunfire, cinder blocks, shovels and a fitting end for our villain. It felt like a big deal, as the chases in the films often are.

All the classic elements from a typical Bond adventure are here: flirting outrageously with Moneypenny, a chat with M, a visit with Q to get some shiny new toys and some trademark Bond quips. Ellis has written a Bond that’s both suave and sarcastic, dapper and deadly.

Quite simply, he nailed it.

Ellis isn’t the only one to bring his A game to the book. Masters’ art is a perfect accompaniment to Ellis’ words, illustrating both Bond’s serious and playful sides with equal aplomb.

If issue one is any indication, Dynamite has a huge hit on their hands. I’d do the expected and give this a 007 out of 10, but it deserves a higher score…let’s go with 8.5 out of 10 and my strong recommendation.

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