The Art And Making Of The Flash (2016) Titan Books

The Flash is one of the most beloved characters from DC, let alone in all of comics, so it is no surprise that the live-action television version would be one of the top-rated shows on The CW. The writing, the actors, the special effects are all done so well that you can see why it has taken over the lead spot from Arrow, if one were to rank all of the DC shows on The CW. Anyway, this is a review for Titan Books’ The Art And Making Of The Flash. As always, Titan Books delivers with another awesome book that gives insight into this beloved comic-based TV show.

The Art And Making Of The Flash, authored by Abbie Bernstein, is similar to Titan Books other DC television offering, Arrow: Heroes And Villains (which I also did a review). This book covers Seasons 1 & 2 of The Flash, which makes sense because Season 3 is currently airing. This book, much like the one for Arrow, gives readers so much insight into the show and its long list of characters, from heroes Barry Allen (The Flash), Cisco Ramon, Joe West, and Kaitlyn Snow to villains Reverse Flash, King Shark, and Zoom. As a fan of watching the Special Features on DVDs & Blu-Rays that show a behind-the-scenes on production, this book is a joy to read. The accompanying pictures are clean and offer better close-up looks at the characters, props, and locations.

Titan Books is just killing it with all of their books that tie into the DC shows on The CW. I hope they continue to produce these wonderful books, not only for the latest seasons of Arrow & The Flash, but also for Legends Of Tomorrow & Supergirl. Not sure if there would be any legal issues, but a book about Fox’s Gotham would be pretty sweet. Not gonna lie, a similar book for the short-lived Constantine would be an added welcome. (I honestly think The CW should acquire the show rights to Constantine and just give us 5 days straight of awesome DC shows. That cameo on Arrow was just awesome.) I highly recommend this book for any fan of The Flash, both the show and the comics.

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