Record Store Day is tomorrow, April 18th. RSD is an annual event, held on the third Saturday of April, designed to get people into their local independent music stores. There’s a massive slew of limited releases – most records only get between 1,000 to 2,000 units pressed and are only sold in participating stores. A lot of these wind up on eBay for massive markups a few hours later, but that’s not really the point or the spirit of the day. The releases cover a wide variety – Johnny Cash and the Bee Gees are getting re-releases. Herman’s Hermits’s Blaze is coming back, as are the score to Psycho and the Paul McCartney/George Martin score for The Family Way (which we’ve already covered.) The White Stripes’s Get Behind Me Satan  comes out on vinyl for the first time, and everyone from The Stooges to Johnny Cash are getting live-album releases.

It’s not all re-releases, though. Folk-pop darlings The Weepies are releasing their album Sirens on translucent purple vinyl on record store day, in advance of the album’s proper release on the 28th. Rap duo Run the Jewels are releasing an EP comprised of relatively rare songs and one unreleased track. Canadian indie-rock godfathers Sloan are releasing an EP of alternate cuts from their latest record.

All in all, this list is huge, and no two people are going to have the same highlights. If you want to run down the whole massive, beautiful list, you can find it here. A list of participating stores is here. If there’s not one near you, don’t despair – a lot of music shops will run some kind of sale on Record Store Day, so if you’re near an kind of music store, odds are you’ll still manage to find something exciting – just not this exciting.

Vinyl’s seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years, between hip-hop DJs and indie rockers. Record Store Day is part of a growing culture celebrating the format, and a good a time as any to get started collecting.

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