Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman

This costume! This actress! My Amazonian heart beats with unbridled joy.

The concept of a Wonder Woman film has been wanted by fans for ages. Even with Joss Whedon steering the writing, it just couldn’t get the studio support it should have garnered. Which should be no surprise when DC comic president Diana Nelson defines Diana of Themyscira as ‘too difficult to cast,’ but insists it is a top priority. A confusing message made worse with David Kelly’s attempt at a television series and woeful costuming debacle. Oh, and all those other films DC continues to make about superheroes that aren’t, well, women, least of all Wonder Woman.

However! Fans rejoice, for there is a way to cast Wonder Woman. There is a way to make her costume relevant and still evoke its traditional roots. There is a way to show the emotional strength and moral steel of a character such as this. We’ve seen it with Marvel’s Thor, Captain America, even our favorite drunken super-genius engineer, Iron Man. And in DC’s own universe with Batman, Superman, and yes, even Green Lantern. Now, it’s time to see it with Wonder Woman.

Rainfall Films set about to doing just that, by casting Rileah Vanderbilt, hiring a phenomenal costume designer, and creating this concept short that proves, in fact, that Wonder Woman is not only film-worthy, but that she’s also relevant now. And after watching, I can tell you this: we’re ready for Wonder Woman on the big screen. Let’s make this happen, Hollywood! This premiered on YouTube on September 30th and has already garnered nearly 900,000 views. In one day.


You can read more about it on Rileah’s site and on Rainfall’s facebook page.

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