This week’s big news is the revelation that, even after weeks of vehement denials, J.J. Abrams will be helming Star Wars: Episode VII for Disney/Lucasfilm. This breaking story became the talk of the internet, especially on twitter, where everyone can throw in their two cents in real time. Many notable comics industry personalities had opinions about this trending topic as well as the random observations of the minutiae of life that we’ve come to appreciate at Profound Statements. Without any further hoopla, let’s read some tweets!



Ah, the good old days. When deadlines still meant something and fill-ins were the exception and not the norm.




Correct. Fruity boat drinks are the only way when at a tiki bar. Served in a schooner with a straw and umbrella.




Joe Kelly with a “Follow Friday” shoutout to Popeye himself, Robin Williams.




Jeff Parker, taking a hardline stance against adults who dare wear footie pajamas. I don’t know, if I could pull ’em off, I’d probably try ’em. Comfy and flame retardant!




I’m pretty sure Dee Dee is universally acknowledged as the coolest Ramone. I mean, he was Dee Dee King. (This opinion is not necessarily the opinion of NerdSpan-Ed.)


Earlier, we mentioned J.J. Abrams being named the director of Disney’s recently announced Star Wars: Episode VII. We also promised reaction tweets regarding said announcement. Did you think we forgot?



To be the George, you must become the George. Drawback is you end up looking like every other hipster dad.




An endorsement from Leinil Yu and a lens flare joke? Profound Statements agrees with this tweet.




Paul Dini with the final word on this topic for the week.

Lastly, Stuart Immonen wants folks to keep it real.



Please let us know how you feel, there’s even an entire comments section just waiting for your deep thoughts. See you next week!

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