Scramble the X-Wings and set course for your local comic shop!

Poe Dameron, one of the breakout new characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will star in a new ongoing series from Marvel Comics in April. The creative team of Charles Soule and Phil Noto will bring readers the tales of the galaxy’s best pilot and his droid sidekick BB-8.

The series is the second foray into the Star Wars universe for both creators; Soule penned the Lando mini-series, while Noto provided pencils for the Chewbacca mini-series.

“With Star Wars: The Force Awakens exceeding expectations the world over, it could not be a better time to be a Star Wars fan,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “And with Poe Dameron being one of the breakout stars of the film, we’re thrilled we get to continue the story of this fan-favorite in the comics. Expect a series with the same high benchmark of quality as our recent Star Wars titles.”

The series takes place before the events shown in The Force Awakens, giving readers a glimpse into Dameron’s past. Hand-picked for the Resistance by legendary General Leia Organa, follow Poe, BB-8 and a squadron of X-Wing pilots on a top-secret mission that could hold the key to saving the galaxy. But with the full might of the First Order on their tail, will the operation be short lived?



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