THE GOOD PLACE — Pictured: “The Good Place” (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

What is it about?
‘The Good Place’ is a half hour comedy, set in the afterlife, where people either go the ‘good place’ or the ‘bad place’ depending on how virtuous they have been in their life on Earth.  The series focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop, who has been sent there by accident, instead of the correct Eleanor.  Determined to stay, Eleanor has to hide her true nature and pretend to be the other Eleanor.  It was created by Michael Schur, who co-created ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, so you know you’re in good hands!

Who’s in it?
Starring as Eleanor is Kristen Bell, with Ted Danson as ‘Michael’ (who runs the ‘good place’), along with a brilliant cast of William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D’Arcy Carden, and Manny Jacinto.

What’s so good about it?
From an initial premise that seems like it could be quite simple, the show subverts expectations, sending it off into areas with a huge amount of depth and complexity.  Without giving any spoilers, it does not develop how you would think at all, and just gets better and better.  Everything is perfectly judged, with brilliant writing, that doesn’t go for cheap laughs, but layers jokes upon jokes, treating the audience as intelligent viewers throughout.  All that is underpinned by great performances from the cast who work fantastically well as a unit, and although I’m sure different viewers have their favourites, there isn’t a weak link anywhere!

When is it on?
The second season is currently airing on Thursdays on NBC at 8.30pm (Eastern), and is on Netflix internationally.

Anything else we should know?
Try and avoid looking at any spoilers or articles about big twists, as that really would lessen the impact!  Even if you do see some spoilers though, it still is a magnificent piece of TV and will reward your time!

THE GOOD PLACE — “Best Self” Episode 210 — Pictured: (l-r) Ted Danson as Michael, D’Arcy Carden as Janet, William Jackson Harper as Chidi, Manny Jacinto as Jianyu, Jameela Jamil as Tehani, Kristen Bell as Eleanor — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

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