“Jimmy Vik didn’t have any friends. Not anymore.” – Off Rock 

Off Rock

Off Rock

Take a heist. Put it in space. Add a femme fatale, a few oddballs, some muscle, and explosive decompression and you’ve got a pulp sci-fi tale just waiting to be told and that is Off Rock by Kieran Shea.

Off Rock isn’t too deep, it isn’t too philosophical, but it is summer-tent-pole-popcorn-popping fun. I find that lacking in some science fiction these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thoughtful sci-fi novel like Dune or Nightfall or what have you, but I sometimes also love balls-to-the-wall action and hilarity.

Jim Vik is a grunt working for an intergalactic mining company. He gets decent pay, but not enough to go home on. Then, he finds the score of the galaxy and finally has a way to make it home richer than Midas. But he has a problem: the ever watchful eye of the company and the difficulty of smuggling excess (illegal) cargo. He concocts a plan, puts it in action, and, well, things don’t go to plan. At all.

I’ll let you read the yarn and discover for yourself what happens to Vik, and his score, but it won’t be what you are expecting, and that is the good part.

I haven’t ever read Kieran Shea before, but after cruising through Off Rock, I want to find more of his sci-fi and give it a look. He is quick and witty with his prose and imaginative with his settings and descriptions. He knows how to tell a good story. I suggest you check out Off Rock and any other Shea stories you can discover.

Shea maintains a blog over at kieranjamesshea.blogspot.com. There you can check out what he is doing currently and what projects he is working on. He also tweets over @BlackIrishBlarn. Give him a follow.

Off Rock is available where books are sold and from Titan Books. I was furnished with a free review copy of the book, but that didn’t influence my review in the least except in that I had something to review.

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