Oni Press has released previews for this Wednesday’s releases, including the Elk’s Run: Tenth Anniversary Edition, Hellbreak #8, Letter 44 #21, and Hellbreak Vol. 1.

Official previews:

Elk’s Run: Tenth Anniversary Edition
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(A) Noel Tuazon with Scott Keating
(CA) Noel Tuazon

The small town of Elk’s Ridge was founded as a closed haven, dreamt up by Vietnam veterans looking to create a utopia: a home without violence, chaos, or corruption. And in the beginning, it seemed like it might actually work. However, years later, the town has become a powder keg. When a desperate bid for freedom results in the accidental death of a child, the town must decide what terrible acts they are willing to commit in order to preserve their way of life. And the youth of the sleepy town—those who never chose to live that life—must forsake all they know in order to stand up for what is right.

A vividly and viscerally illustrated tale of small town horror, Elk’s Run takes its place among the most chilling and affecting works of graphic fiction. The debut collaboration of Eisner, Harvey, and Emmy nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and Harvey and Eisner nominated artist Noel Tuazon is back a decade later and even more relevant.

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Hellbreak #8
(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Brian Churilla with Gonzalo Duarte
(CA) Brian Churilla

Father Lloyd may not follow Team Orpheus into the underworld, but as an exorcist he battles the forces of Hell at work in the mortal realm. Such dealings are sure to leave a dark mark on one’s soul. Also, Team Orpheus finds themselves trapped as patients in a demonic mental asylum.

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Hellbreak Vol. 1
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists/Cover Artists: Brian Churilla with Dave Stewart

There are thousands of Hells, each unique, each terrible. Mega-cities ruled by vicious gangs. Empires where the most perverse are well-respected. Wastelands roamed by prehistoric monstrosities. With the proper tools and know-how… you can infiltrate Hell whether you’re dead or not. With the proper tools and know-how, you can break out. Project Kerberos has developed this forbidden technology, and a special forces extraction team is dispatched to rescue lost souls from the infernal realm.

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Letter 44 #21
Writer: Charles Soule
Artists/Cover Artists: Ryan Kelly with Dan Jackson

Special one-shot issue illustrated by Ryan Kelly (Lucifer, Three)! We leap back to the recruitment drive for the Clarke astronauts – the ship’s launch is imminent, and time is running out to find a suitable crew. Two possibles have been identified: Donald Pritchard, renowned astronomer, and Alberto Gomez, a skilled soldier in the US Army with extensive medical experience – but Project Monolith’s recruiters will need to push past every limit to convince these men to leave their world behind… forever.

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