San Diego Comic Con is nerd heaven. People flock from all over the country and the WORLD to experience this awesome amalgamation of comics, video games, books, movies, and television shows, rolled into one weekend on the coast of southern California. This is the third year I’ve been able to attend, and I’m just as pumped as that first year in 2013!


Wednesday is Preview night where pilot episodes are streamed in Ballroom 20 and the exhibit floor is packed with nerds looking to score some sweet nerd-booty. My plan was to take as many pictures as possible and just enjoy the night. I think I accomplished what I needed to. I visited some of the publisher booths and scored some free swag. I’m looking forward to seeing Sabaa Tahir and Pierce Brown down there later on in the week.

There’s nothing quite like the convention floor at San Diego Comic Con. The crush of fans all rushing to the Funko Booth, or the lines people stand in to get even a chance to go into an experience (like American Gods or Walking Dead). The atmosphere actually buzzes with excitement as people exclaim over exclusives or chat with artists and comic creators directly.

I met some awesome people: Maxwell Alexander Drake and Satine Phoenix. Drake writes fantasy and Phoenix is a comic artist. I scored copies of their work, which I’m excited to read in the coming weeks. Look for my reviews here!

Check out the other days I’m attending SDCC. I’ll update this post with links as the days go by. Thanks for following my (mis)adventures this week.


This is the first day I’ll be in the convention center all day, listening in and covering writing panels for your reading pleasure. In the afternoon I’m going to be covering the Her Universe Fashion Show, which brings together fashion and pop culture in great clothes and accessories. Expect lots of pictures from me!


On Friday I’m planning to cover more writing and author panels. In the morning I’m taking a VIP tour of the FXhibition – FX’s exhibit on the Hilton Bayfront lawn. It features FX shows like American Horror Story, The Strain, and It’s Always Sunny, among others. There’s going to a virtual reality experience, too, which I’m super pumped to do. In the evening I’m hoping to attend AMC’s Preacher panel in Hall H. It’s after Game of Thrones and Joss Whedon’s panel, so the hall should be pretty clear by 6:30 PM.


Another long day of panels and wandering the exhibit floor. Today I’ll mostly be focusing on authors again, from world building and storytelling, to finding out what’s next for Harper Voyager and Epic Reads.


Sunday is a slow day. I’ll probably spend it looking at more cool things on the convention floor (there’s never enough time to see it all!), then either see Star Trek Beyond or visiting with my family. We’ll see how Sunday pans out.

Then Monday it’s back to work! Oh, sad day.

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