Marvel Comics has revealed that their January MU event is not Marvel Universe at all, but Monsters Unleashed, with five titles written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by fan favorite artists.

Monsters Unleashed

Marvel Comics also released the last teaser for MU yesterday, a promo for a new MU title by Salvador Larroca and Cullen Bunn.


(September 1st update:) Marvel Comics has released another MU teaser for its 2017 event, this time credited to Cullen Bunn and Leinil Yu.


(August 30th update:)  Marvel Comics dropped another MU teaser, and this time the blacked out title is credited to Cullen Bunn and Adam Kubert:


(August 29th Update:)  Marvel added a twist to its upcomng MU project.  Originally advertised with Cullen Bunn and Steve McNiven attached to the project, now the project is either changing or expanding its creator lineup, with Greg Land announced as a new co-creator alongside Cullen Bunn.

If asked to speculate, I would say it looks like Cullen Bunn is scripting an ambitious project, ad these black teasers are place-holders for multiple titles that will re-interpret the Marvel Universe.  And while each of these books will be guided by Cullen Bunn (whether he will write them all remains to be seen), the artist on each title will, by necessity, be different.


(This post originally appeared on August 27th.)

Marvel Comics released the following teaser yesterday, teasing a new project titled MU, to be from the hands of Steve McNiven and Cullen Bunn.

MU is slated to arrive in January 2017.


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