Over the years, Warner Bros. Animation has been killing it with their DC Animated Films, and Batman: Bad Blood is no exception. When villians are working together and Batman disappears, it’s up to the Bat-Family (Alfred, Nightwing, and Damian), along with newcomers Batwoman & Batwing, to figure out the evil plot and to stop it. As much as I love the DC animated films based on popular stories from the comics, it’s great to see an original story, where I don’t exactly have an idea as to what will happen next, play out on the screen.


This film, timeline & animation style, is set in the world of the New 52 films, which kicked off, just like the comics, with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. I enjoy the fact that these films are interconnected and flow together in the same way as reading the comics. Without giving anything away, this is a good original story with some nods to different storylines and the introduction of some fan-favorite characters like Batwoman (Katherine Kane), Batwing, Rene Montoya, and [redacted] (No spoilers, but some of you might squee when you see it). There is no lack of Batman villians in this film, with the likes of Black Mask, Killer Moth, Firefly, Mad Hatter, and The Heretic. There are even “Nunjas” in this film. (That is not a typo, you read that right.) Plus, you get to see Alfred be a total badass, which is one of my favorite moments in this film (along with an Animaniacs gag). Even though this is a Batman film, it’s mostly about the other Bat-members and that is just fine by me. I definitely recommend this film.

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