This month’s Cosmic Party is mainly Guardians of the Galaxy themed, although there is another inclusion that will wow fans of another corps of Marvelmaniacs. The Guardians of the Galaxy cinematic franchise is represented here by items portraying Yondu, Groot, the Nova Corps, and Thanos; if Rocket is your favorite Guardian, he came in May’s Guardian-themed core Loot Crate.

While there’s no crate craft for Cosmic Party, this month’s crate interior can be refolded into a Guardians of the Galaxy themed picnic basket, on the top of which is a kind of Cthulhoid representation of a mash-up of Star Lord and Ego the Living Planet. You could actually use this as a picnic basket, though if you want to re-use it more than once to carry food, you may want to line it with paper, foil, or plastic. I’ll probably use my Cthulhu Starlord to store vintage paperbacks, as it’s just the right dimensions.

Those of you that follow my Loot Crate reviews know that the kitchen items are often my first or second favorite inclusions, and while it had strong competition, this month’s Yondu Tiki mug was definitely my favorite. As the prior Loot Crate exclusive Geeki Tiki was a mini Tiki mug, I was not prepared for Cosmic Party’s exclusive Yondu Geeki Tiki to be this gigantic. The turquoise blue ceramic mug is seven inches tall and three inches wide, has a red-painted interior, and has an even base that gives stability to the most towering of beverages. To be complete, the Yondu Tiki mug deserves an equally epic Yaka Arrow straw, but that’s what craft projects are for. 

My second favorite item was Cosmic Party’s Captain Marvel beach towel, which blasts primary colors like a superpower. To be honest, Carol Danvers only interests me insofar as she figures into Kamala Khan’s story, but this item is so dynamic as to fan the fires of fandom where it does not exist, and I’m tempted to give the new Captain Marvel another go. As we’re not the kind of household to toss this in an acid-free box, but will instead get some joyous use out of it, let me share my care recommendation to those of you that also want to get ongoing use out of this festive summer accessory and fandom flag. This is already going to get damaged by the sun, the surf, the sand, and the grass, so whatever you do, don’t toss it in the dryer, which does as much damage to fabrics as all of those things combined. Wash delicate and hang dry.

Cosmic Party’s Nova Corps Lifeguard t-shirt was also a strong addition, with the distressed logo art giving the black shirt a vintage look.  Not only is this a sweet Marvel fandom tee, it’s also a rare in-universe tee, not unlike the Stark racing tee included last year in the Speed Loot Crate.  In-universe nerd fashions are always keepers, because they are somewhat uncommon compared to logo and character design t-shirts; I still have a Smallville High t-shirt from 2002 in my drawer.

Dormammu is still my favorite Marvel Loot Pin, but Cosmic Party’s Thanos pin has the virtue of getting a splash of purple in your ensemble.

In addition, this month’s crate also included Groot sunglasses, which will be mailed later to subscribers. When we receive them, I’ll update the review, but in the meantime, you may be able to see them in this month’s insert.  

UPDATE (August 4th, 2017):  The Groot Sunglasses were worth the wait, with a faux wood coloration, and I Am Groot in green letters on the UV 400 sunglasses.  The pouch also has really nice graphics of Groot, taken from Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire’s cover to Groot #1.

Even with the Groot sunglasses delayed, Cosmic Party was an exciting care package of Marvel goodies, not only a sweet in-universe Nova Corps lifeguard tee shirt, but a Yondu drunk not on the power of his Yaka Arrow but the more honestly intoxicating beverages you can cram in the Geeki Tiki, a little Thanos bling, and a Carol Danvers beach towel and fandom flag. Out of the four crates in this subscription thus far, all of which have been magnificent, I would rate it just behind Super Science.  

Cosmic Party has sung its last luau, but your favorite webhead and wallcrawler is wrapped up in the July 2017 Marvel Gear + Goods, Spider-Verse, which you can order through this link.  

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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