Like a chariot crammed with Norse deities, Marvel Gear + Goods’ For Asgard crate arrives with a garment and three plastic gods in an eight-bit rendition, a glass and trays for the mead-hall, and a pin depicting a four color chapter in the saga of the God of Thunder.

For Asgard’s crate interior refolds into a gift box, including a Mjolnir-shaped gift tag. It’s a very cool seasonal idea, and as you can see, presents much better than the ones you get at mall stores or big box stores.

This midnight blue long-sleeve crew shirt bears Thor, Loki, Hel, the Bifrost Bridge, Asgard, and Yggdrasil the world tree, as well as numerous thunderbolts, winged helmets, and celestial bodies, in a style you could either call 8-bit or ugly sweater. It’s a brightly colored, festive garb suitable for a worthy Midgardian to celebrate their holiday seasons.

Also in an 8-bit style are these Thor, Loki, and Hela cookie cutters, with which you can bake with love, as well as with thunder, lies, and death. Cookie cutters work better with limited detail, so 8-bit ‘chibi’ gods was a great way to go, and these should produce iconic cookies that gratify a Marvel collector’s aesthetics even as they satisfy a cookie monster’s appetite. While I haven’t used these yet, I’m guessing they’ll make wonderful sugar cookies. As I love nerdy kitchen ware, and nerdy cookie cutters are always desirable, these are my favorite items in For Asgard.

Not that the cookie cutters were the only kitchen item this month. You can serve your thunderous, lying, and Hel-ish cookies on the longer of these two Mighty Thor snack trays. The smaller of the two is more of a cereal bowl, but you could also stuff some cookies, mixed nuts or potato chips in there. Both trays feature cover art from Thor: Goddess of Thunder.

The exclusive Mjolnir tumbler not only has the iconic inscription on one side, but a pewter Mjolnir pressed into relief on the other side. We like nerdy drinking glasses, not only the tumblers that are so popular these days, but the old Burger King and McDonalds promos when we see them at flea markets. As we have three Thor fans in this house, and no Thor glasses before this one, this one will receive a lot of love.

This month’s pin starts a new series of enameled comic book cover pins, each of which will be paired with a ComiXology download. For Asgard includes the cover image of Thor: God of Thunder #1, as well as its digital counterpart.

If I could tell the boy who scrupulously saved cheap plastic Marvel Comics Slurpee cups that one day he would drink Coca-Cola from Mighty Thor ornamented glassware, he might have believed that, as those days were a time rife with nerdy glassware due to fast food restaurants cashing in on merchandising opportunities. But if you told me I’d be getting it in a box, with Thor cookie cutters, a Thor crew t-shirt, and Thor snack trays, I might not have believed my future self. Marvel Gear + Goods, as always, is a superior subscriptin service, and For Asgard was my favorite installment since Super Science.

Though For Asgard is no longer available, until January 15th, you can order Jet Set (spoiler through the link) which will have items for fans of Black Panther and more.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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