November’s Unite 2.0 Loot Wearable brought a stylish double knit combo to warm the hearts–as well as the heads, and paws–of Voltron fans. The hat shows the black lion, and the scarf shows the blue, red, yellow and green lions.

While I love super long scarves, I’m happy to have this five foot scarf, as sometimes those megalithic scarves are too hot or too bulky for anything but a winter jacket. I could see myself using this on a cool early Spring day with the right hoodie.

While this was a nice item, one missed opportunity was lion paws sewn in the ends of the scarf to slip on your mitts. Though this might have been more expensive, Voltron fans will probably wait a while before the next cool Voltron scarf is made, and the manufacturers of that one may not see the potential of a scarf/glove combo as well. Still, I give this Voltron scarf Five Lions out of Five.

While Unite is no longer available, until December 24th, you can order this fantastic Deadpool themed wearable (spoiler through this link).

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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