Loot Wear’s Robotic collection has arrived, featuring wearable art devoted to automaton heroes from Alien, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mega Man, Invader Zim, and Futurama, including a synthetic traitor, an android and his tabby cat, a side-scrolling crime-fighter, a robot dog, and a drunk famed for his shiny metal posterior.

Loot Wearables

This month’s Loot Wearables is an exclusive woven prussian blue button-up modeled after Ash’s shirt in Alien (1979). The sleeve reads USCSS Nostromo 180286, and over the left buttoned breast pocket is another icon from the Nostromo uniform. It’s a nice reminder that the bedrock of Alien‘s horror is a substantial amount of science fiction worldbuilding, including embedded commentary about the dangers of not only uninhibited corporate interests but artifical intelligence. Ash was a synthetic sleeper agent whose covert mission was inimical to the human crew deemed expendable in the face of Weyland-Yutani’s avarice.

Loot For Her

The exclusive Star Trek: The Next Generation boyfriend cardigan has black buttons , an embroidered insignia, black cuffs and hem, and on the back, an image of not only Data, but his cat Spot, a quintessential symbol of Data’s quest for humanity. The Data artwork is from Anna-Maria Jung, the illustrator of Star Trek: Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom. It’s also another great example of the outstanding nerd fashions coming from the Loot For Her subscription.

Loot Tees

With an image based on the skull from Dr. Wily’s evil lair, and comprised of Mega Man sprites, Robotic’s exclusive Mega Man t-shirt is a sweet tee that gets as much energy from the contrast between the videogame art and the egyptian blue fabric as it does from summoning the vintage gaming imagery.

Loot Socks

Loot Socks subscribers received two awesome pairs of socks, not only the exclusive Invader Zim crew socks, depicting the robot dog Gir, but also the eclusive Futurama knit socks, featuring Bender in four different stages of drunkenness.

Loot Undies

This month’s exclusive Futurama Bender underwear was not only extremely funny, it also had an easter egg of sorts for Futurama fans. In addition to the blatant message on the posterior–Bender’s catchphrase, “Bite my shiny metal ass!”–there is a covert message on the tag; when translated from Alienese, it reads, “For the discriminating crotch.” 

Between the core Loot Crate and Loot Wear, Futurama fans were especially blessed in the last year or so, so that you could now binge your Futurama marathon in the short-sleeve hoodie, while wearing Robotic’s undies and socks and drinking the canned concoction of your choice in your Slurm! coozie.

Robotic was an exciting collection, with not only an excellent theme, featuring some of the more idiosyncratic robots of pop culture, but also attractive fashions, such as a button-up shirt and a cardigan, both embroidered. The color design was strong this month, in that while there was a ton of blue, the nuances between the shades were sharply divided, so that each blue piece had its own blue domain. Futurama fandom enthusiasts that got the Risky Business bundle were no doubt please to get two really super Bender pieces, one of which came with not only a catchphrase but an easter egg.

Though the Robotic collection has ceased production, until October 19th you can order Mythical, which features nerd fashions devoted to Stranger Things (Loot Tees), Ghostbusters (Loot Wearables, Loot Socks), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Loot for Her), Dungeons & Dragons (Loot Socks), and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (Loot Undies).

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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