Loot Wear’s March 2017 collection, Primal, was a menagerie of fierce franchises, not only Wolverine and Godzilla (Loot Socks), but Predator (Loot Tees), Ren & Stimpy (Loot Undies), Beauty and the Beast (Loot for Her), and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Loot Wearable).

The Primal themed Loot Socks were Godzilla and X-Men/Wolverine crew socks, both made by Bioworld exclusively for Loot Wear. The Wolverine socks, like those in the Marvel Gear + Goods Weapon X collection, are modeled after the furry mutant’s original blue and yellow costume. They’re really nice cobalt blue socks with the X-Men symbol in the background of the Wolverine figure art. The Godzilla socks are a rich charcoal with black cuffs. toes, and shading, and they’ll put a little stomp in the step of any kaiju fan.

Primal’s pine green Loot Tee is an exclusive Predator design that should thrill aficionados of the classic science fiction movie, as it melds the face of the Predator with his thermal imaging scan of Butch, who can’t see the alien stalking him in the forest. A tangle of branches represents the Predator’s eyes and the lines of his mask, and there’s some red lens flare in the alien’s thermal imaging for no other reason than it looks cool contrasted with the green fabric. This is no doubt the best Loot Tee to date.

How excited was I to discover that Primal’s Loot Undies depict Ren & Stimpy dressed like game hunters, with khakis and pith helmets? These are great looking briefs with lots of swirly and/or goofy Kricfalusi eyes. Animation enthusiasts: Ren & Stimpy wear these outfits in the episode “Untamed World.”

The Ren and Stimpy Show S1 E11 – Untamed World by comic-freak

Loot for Her subscribers were no doubt delighted to receive an exclusive 3-in-1 Beauty and the Beast scarf, which can be worn not only as a standard scarf, but as an infinity scarf, or a cocoon wrap. The background is an outstanding Edwardian-styled floral design with a light beige coloring that reminds me of tapestries, and the figure art is of two repeating images, one that puts the spotlight on Belle, and the other which puts her in the Beast’s embrace. As much as I liked the other items, especially the Loot Wearable, this is the knockout in the Primal collection, as it shows so much care and fandom in its manufacture. Also, it takes mad art skills to put Belle and The Beast in an Edwardian design while still rendering the characters immediately recognizable.

The Primal Loot Wearable was a fantastic Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild raglan, made exclusively for Loot Crate by Bioworld. The art design features Link, in shades of blue ranging from azure to sapphire, drawing a bow, above the logo art for the game, on a bright white background. The visual appeal of the shirt is awesome, as it contrasts the central azure Link with the white cotton, which is then walled between the two oxford blue sleeves. Don’t eat spaghetti wearing this shirt, though.

Loot Wear’s Primal offerings no doubt satisfied their subscribers’ desire to show off cool clothes as much as their appreciation for the fandoms represented. So many decades of nerd fandom were represented as well: the original Kaiju of the 1950s; the yellow and blue Wolverine costume of the 1970s; a 1980s Schwarzenegger popcorn flick; a classic episode of nineties animation; and lastly, two of the most universally acclaimed pop art products of 2017, the Beauty and the Beast remake and the latest iteration of The Legent of Zelda.

While the Primal collection was released into the wild, April’s Loot Wear collection, Investigate, is available until April 19th, and shines the light on Twin Peaks (Loot Tees), Resident Evil (Loot Wearable), Batman (Loot Socks and Loot for Her) and Clue (Loot Undies). I’m excited about this collection for two reasons: 1) I’m happy to add to my board game themed attire, as there really isn’t a lot of it on the market; and 2), a Twin Peaks shirt is one of those wonderful things in life, like a damn fine cup of coffee, or cherry pie.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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