Loot Wear’s January and February 2017 Loot Socks, Loot Tees, Loot Undies, and Loot for Her collections have arrived for review, with fashions from the worlds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Super Mario Brothers, and Steven Universe in the Origins collection, and duds dedicated to Voltron, Transformers, Mass Effect, and more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in Build.

Because I have two collections at once to review, I’m going to do this VS. style. Which collection will win?

Loot Undies

While I’m partial to the Revolution collection’s Mr. Poopybutthole briefs, being a Rick and Morty fanatic, hands down the best Loot Undies design to date would have to be Origins’ Steven Universe Garnet boxer briefs, which show Garnet not only as herself (back) but as Sapphire and Ruby (front). The line art and the colors are outstanding in this item. 

The Build collection’s Voltron boxer briefs are pretty sweet as well, showing the Voltron emblem on the basic black front, and the more colorful back showing the growling component parts of the mighty mech. But it’s Garnet for the win here.

Loot Socks

As a long time Superman fan, I have a lot of Superman socks already, so it is something when I say that the Superman socks in Origins are not only my favorite Loot Socks to date, they are also my favorite Superman socks, and my favorite novelty socks of any entertainment franchise, period. Not only are they snug and comfortable, but it is nice to see baby Kal-El’s blue and red rocket ship. When I’m buying Superman shirts, socks, hoodies, and so forth, for myself, I have a pretty strict criteria at this point, and these socks meet and exceed them. One of my main criticisms of most Superman fashions is that so often the designers reach into Superman’s vast toolbox of symbols and grab only the Superman S shield for their designs. Where is my Bottle City of Kandor shirt? Or my Fortress of Solitude pajama pants? Where is my Bizarro’s Gym tank top? That’s right–they don’t exist. But I have baby Kal-El rocket ship socks, thanks to Loot Crate! And yes, both the S shield and the rocket ship are brightly colored in the palette that you’d see in a newsprint Superman comic book from the fifties or sixties.

Also in the Origins collection were these outstanding Mario 8 Bit Piranha Plant socks. Which, by the way, is a great example of an entertainment franchise in which you could expect to see not just Nintendo’s famous plumber, but any number of iconic characters or objects appear on a shirt, socks, or hoodie. These are awesome old school gaming socks, and I was happy to get them as well.

In the Build collection, we get two pairs to please fans of animated robots: not only the exclusive Voltron socks, but these really superb Tranformers Optimus Prime socks. These are really snazzy socks, but so far the score is Origins 2, Build 0.

Loot Tees

Probably because I prefer the original Eastman and Laird depiction from the early 1980s comics to the much more merchandised styles from animation then and now, I don’t have a single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt in my closet. The exclusive TMNT crest heather t-shirt definitely caught my eye, though, as I like both the understated art style, the subdued black, white, and grey colors, and, because I am a serious nerd, the faux heraldry, as well as the idea that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be so nerdy as to have faux heraldry on a crest.

The three dimensional blueprint style of the exclusive Mass Effect: Andromeda t-shirt really pops, and despite not being a fan of the game, the 3D style makes me a little nostalgic for the tank game Battlezone, so I like this one just as much as the TMNT crest shirt. Origins and Build share the win for this one, so the score is now Origins 3, Build 1.

Loot for Her

Both Origins and Build presented excellent accessories in the Loot for Her subscription, which is unsurprising, because Loot for Her has always been one of the most consistently excellent of Loot Crate’s subscriptions. I say this even though I’m not the target audience for women’s accessories, as I can see how excited my wife and daughter have been by things like the Spider-Gwen purse or the Kingdom Hearts scarf. The acquisitions team for this subscription has excellent taste, and it showed in January and February as well.

In Origins, we have this outrageously beautiful exclusive Fantastic Beasts gold foil symbols scarf. This is a very sheer scarf with grand dimensions and gleaming gold symbols that will make everyone around you look like a muggle.

Build’s exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles purse is incredible too, a wedge of yellow vinyl shaped like a pizza slice, and with the title art from the 80s TMNT cartoon. Its combination of modern materials and retro animation art makes it a wearable piece of over the top pop art.

The Fantastic Beasts piece is simply beautiful, but the TMNT piece is much more than that, a grand statement packed with pop art power. So Build gets the win here, and the final score is Origins: 3, Build: 2, Loot Crate: all the wins.

Although the Loot for Her subscribers probably got the best swag overall, all the other subscriptions had some excellent pieces, and The Build and Origins collections were both extremely desirable collections to have, But Great Rao knows that my preference is for the Origins crate, because of the baby Kal-El socks.

Neither of these collections are available for order, although you might find Loot Wear fashions pop up in Loot Vault periodically, and the March 2017 collection, Primal, has also shipped. Until April 19th, you can order the Investigate collection, which will include super-sleuth fashions from Resident Evil (Loot Wearable), Batman (Loot for Her, Loot Socks), Clue (Loot Undies), and Twin Peaks (Loot Tees).

Loot Crate sent the review copies.

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