Loot Wear’s Mythical collection included two jackets from famous monster-fighting franchises, two pairs of socks sporting otherplanar spirits, a tee with a picture window to the Upside Down, and boxers showing us just a few of the groovy things on the mind of Ash Williams. Mythical’s entertainment franchises included Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Evil Dead 2, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Loot Wearables

Mythical’s Loot Wearable was an exclusive Ghostbusters windbreaker made from water resistant polyester, which should thrill fans of not only Ghostbusters, but Stranger Things (no spoilers, in the event that you haven’t seen season two yet). While a screen accurate Ghostbusters uniform is a jumpsuit, not a jacket, and the logo is on the right arm, and not the back, what the Loot Wear team has done is create a nice piece of light outerwear to suggest Ghostbusters fandom. Other touches include a Proton Pack patch on the right arm, a 1984 patch in the place of a name tag patch, and an easter egg in the care description that reads “if slimed, mashine wash normal.”

Loot For Her

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Dark Willow” souvenir jacket received by Loot for Her subscribers was the outstanding item for the Mythical collection, being not only a comfortable jacket that would keep you warm on a mid-Spring or mid-Autumn day, but also a great piece of fandom art. Chris Wahl’s comic book styled art on the back of the jacket is sensational, and the logo emblem on the left breast will be instantly recognizable to any Buffy fan that sees you coming rather than going.

Loot Tees

Mythical’s Loot Tee was one of many exclusive Stranger Things items available throughout October. The black cotton T-shirt depicts Eleven possibly opening a gate either from or to the Upside Down, the letters of which are inverted below the potrtait art. Mythical’s brochure notes that this tee was made in the style of an 80s concert tee by Brazilian pop artist Butcher Billy.

Loot Socks

The Loot Socks were my second favorite item in the Mythical collection, and it’s not only because I played my share of Dungeons & Dragons, but because I’m impressed with the style and the practicality of this footwear. What’s particularly thoughtful is that the Dungeons & Dragons socks are thin and dressy, just the thing to wear when you want to slide a bit of fandom into your oxfords or wingtips, while the Ghostbusters socks are thick and warm, either to complement your pajamas or to wear outside when you’re building a snow-Slimer. The color art on both pairs of socks is also striking and bold, with the D&D socks featuring a repeating pattern of red ampersands and black Demogorgons on a white backdrop, and the other having black and yellow stripes topped with Slimer green and the Ghostbusters logo art

Loot Undies

Mythical’s exclusive Evil Dead II underwear depicts smiling skulls, crossed gun and chainsaw, the word “Groovy,” and red splatters on a black background.

Overall, Loot Wear’s Mythical was a good collection, with Loot for Her and Loot Socks being extremely desirable inclusions, and the Loot Tee and Loot Wearable being fun pieces as well. Though I’m not the biggest fan of Evil Dead II, fans of that franchise might enjoy the Loot Undies.

While the Mythical collection is no longer available, until December 19th you cna order the Explore collection, which includes merchandise from Deadpool (Loot Wearables, spoiler through the link), Destiny 2 (Loot Socks), Rick and Morty (Loot Tees), Samurai Jack (Loot Undies), and Firefly (Loot Socks). The Loot for Her franchise is not yet revealed on the Loot Wear homepage.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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