In addition to a pair of random mystery socks from past subscriptions, Explore’s Loot Socks subscription included these exclusive Firefly Browncoat socks. Fabricated in the colors of the Independents and emblazoned with a patch-like emblem of Serenity, fans of Firefly will find them pleasant to wear.

These are my least favorite socks from Loot Crate. While the idea of Firefly Serenity socks is very cool, and they look very comfy, the ship’s image could have been executed with a little more clarity. As it is now, it looks kind of like a carrot on a life preserver. Though I like cartoony styles and abstraction in art, emblems should be tight enough to be recognizable.

The Firefly Browncoat socks are no longer available, but until February 19th, you can order DreamWorks Dragons and Wonder Woman Loot Socks from the Protect collection (spoilers through the link).

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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