Crate: LootPets
Cost: $15 / month + S/H
Value: $30+
Theme: Animation

Loot Pets is a monthly mystery crate for pets and the people that love them, delivering apparel, accessories, toys, treats and more. You get a $30+ value in every crate! For every crate purchased, we will donate $1 to a local, national, or international animal welfare charity.

Loot Pets September 2017 brings the science fiction to the fore with its ROBOTIC theme. It incorporates only one fandom that I can figure — Star Trek!

The first item that I see is the Stark Trek one — a Borg Cube squeaky toy. It’s just a large black cube with a small green logo on it. Honestly, I wouldn’t know this was Star Trek themed without reading the   card. Do I lose my nerd cred card for that?

There are also treats in this box, like always! These robotic Heartbeat Bytes are made by Loving Pets, a US-based company. These are made with chicken and other 100% natural ingredients in the USA.

There is another — a Loot Pets peanut butter cookie. It’s cute, if not a little crumbled from shipping.

The last robotic item is a really cool collapsible bowl made by Loot Crate. It’s orange with a robotic design in the center. I can definitely see myself taking this on long car rides or even hikes!

There wasn’t a charm in this box, but I love the bowl so much, so it definitely makes up for it! I love the robotic theme and can’t wait to use these toys on my new doggo — hopefully sooner rather than later!

Loot Crate provided a review copy.

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