Loot Pets was a monthly subscription service that catered to the nerdy doggos in the world. I say ~was~ because sadly Loot Crate is no longer offering Loot Pets–their last box was offered in December 2017. I truly enjoyed Loot Pets–even though they were definitely geared toward dogs and not cats, so really it should’ve been called Loot Doggos–and I’m sad to see it discontinued.

For their last two boxes, Loot Pets offered their most popular items throughout the years they were active. This means I have some duplicates, but I also saw a few new items that I hadn’t previously received. I am truly thankful and honored that Loot Crate offered NerdSpan review copies, though I am often behind on my reviews.

Loot Pets Greatest Hits Volume 1 came in November 2017, and it was chock full of goodies: two treats, a toy, two accessories, and a charm.

What I loved about Loot Pets’ treats was that they’re made in the USA. The labels were always super adorable and the treats were soft and tasty–or so my dog tells me!

This donut toy is so cute and I’m not sad to say I have two of them now. My dog enjoys tossing it around, fetching it across the kitchen, or just chewing on it at my feet. It’s super durable — ZippyPaws is a great company and my dog loves the three toys we have from them so far. Paws up!

The two accessories from Vol 1 were this awesome Firefly ceramic bowl and this padded collar from Weyland-Yutani Corp. Once my pup is bigger, I’m sure she’ll enjoy the collar to its fullest. I’ve got thw bowl stashed away for future use, too.

The Transformers charm is super cute, too.

Well, there you have it. Loot Pets Greatest Hits Vol 1, featuring fandoms from Firefly to Transformers to Alien. I hope Vol 2 is just as fun.

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