April’s Loot Gaming, Suit Up, has dropped battle-clad gladiators from Overwatch, Halo, Injustice 2, and South Park: The Fractured but Whole, including attire with art from an esteemed comic book cover artist, a flag to fly, and figure art sculpting representations of online battlefield avatars.

The big draw to this month’s create was no doubt the inclusion of the Loot Gaming exclusive Cute But Deadly Overwatch figure that NerdSpan announced last month. While Pharah was the revealed figure then, my eleven year old, the big Overwatch fan in this house, was just as pleased to see Electric Purple Tracer waiting for us in the Loot Box.

That’s right—this month’s crate craft is also Overwatch-themed, as when you reverse and refold your Loot Gaming box, it becomes a Loot Box, the in-game service that rewards Overwatch players.

This Halo Icons Spartan figure set, made by 343 Industries, is pretty smart looking, reminding me as much of the battling opposites of Spy vs. Spy as Halo. Those that missed the Halo Legendary Crate are no doubt happy to receive this deco variant of the figure set in that one. And, if you really like these fighting Spartans, this scene is only one of six that you can assemble into a kind of panorama. You can shop for the other pieces through lootcrate.com/spartan.

The exclusive Injustice 2 tee is a solid black shirt with an art design from Dale Keown that features Batman, Harley Quinn, and Superman. Dale Keown, an excellent comic book artist, draws a dynamic Batman and a Harley Quinn upgraded to a pistol and pouch packing “What If Robert Liefeld created Harley Quinn” variant, but Superman’s fatalistic, unsmiling, visage tells the whole story of Injustice in that profile. Here we have a portrait of Superman as the dark dictator and Tyrant of Steel of that video game franchise, with a brooding scowl more suited to General Zod. I generally prefer the lighter side of the Man of Tomorrow, but as art, I love this image’s effectiveness in telling the story and representing the Injustice franchise in one shot. Additionally, it’s a very cool and comfortable shirt with two of my favorite DC Comics characters on it (sorry Batman, not you.)

Those excited by the upcoming release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be happy that Cartman’s alter ego is represented by this South Park Coon & Friends flag. This 24” x 36” flag, a replica of the one in South Park S13E2 “Coon 2: Hindsight,” looks sturdy enough to be hung outside for day to day display.

The Suit Up coin pin is a cool two-color pin that contrasts the gold face plate with a graphite gray power armor helmet.

We were impressed by our first look inside Loot Gaming. In terms of value, any two of these items are worth the price of the service. While Suit Up is no longer available for order—although you may see it pop up in Loot Vaultthrough May 27th, you can order next month’s Loot Gaming, Road Rage, which includes racers from Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, Destiny, and Twisted Metal.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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