Loot Crate’s Mythical crate has arrived with ghosts, gods, and goodies from Marvel, Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including a shirt for the Keymaster to summon the eighties back with Zuul, two godly bros about to shake Asgard, something that will give you a stake in what you’re reading, and a sweet slice of The Upside Down.

Mythical’s #CrateCraft was The Mighty Thor’s Mjolnir. This easily constructed Uru hammer is an excellent addition to the many cool crate crafts of 2017. If you have the Harley Quinn hammer from Anti-Hero, you now have a cardboard hammer collection, and by now you have enough cardboard critters to play a Loot Crate edition of whack-a-mole, too.

My favorite item in Mythical was the exclusive Ghostbusters t-shirt, not only for its snugness and the bright eighties colors that look pulled from a box of Crayola Fluorescent Crayons (RIP), but because I’m happy to wear a shirt that says “When someone asks if you’re a god, say yes.” If you check the tag (you can scroll through the image gallery to find it), you’ll find this second Easter egg on a Loot Crate tag in as many months–last month’s Loot Undies had alienese script from Futurama. And kudos to Loot Crate for such a timely inclusion, as Stranger Things fans may like this shirt for its crossover appeal. I definitely do.

Though spoilers previewed the exclusive SuperEmoScenes Stranger Things diorama figure, it was still an exciting thing to open and put together, and it is my second favorite item in Mythical. The colors were slightly brighter than the preview photography, and seeing it in front of me, I saw the additional detail of Eleven’s dripping nose.

As I jump between books when my interest wanes and I like having handy piles of bookmarks, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Mr. Pointy” bookmark was an appreciated inclusion. The laser cut and woodburned bookmark is a great home library accessory and an interesting way to get more Buffy in fans’ lives.

This month’s PhatMojo is an exclusive Thor and Loki mini-figure set. While I preferred the Aliens figure, this is a nice piece for the shelf. Whether you’re Team Loki or Team Thor, if you don’t like to think of the brothers fighting, tell yourself Loki wants a hug.

Mythical’s Loot Pin, based on art from Gabriel Silveira, depicts a vampire with the largest amount of color variation we’ve seen in a Loot Pin since the Versus crate. It’s a striking pin with a rich contrast created not just by two shades of blue, but two shades of white, and six color shades in all.


Overall, Mythical was a good crate with not only two very cool items for display, but an awesome shirt and a sweet bookmark, both of which I shall enjoy with the nerdiness that they deserve.

While Mythical is now fully mythical, and cannot be ordered (until a few arrive in Loot Vault), until November 19th, you can order Unite 2.0, which will feature items from Justice League, Voltron, Overwatch, and Power Rangers.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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