Loot Crate’s Guardians theme puts the spotlight on a trigger-happy raccoon, a tiny tree with a tinier vocabulary, Hunters, Warlocks, Titans, Ghosts, Goonies, and even an Airbender and the droids that you were looking for. Guardians turned out to be a great theme with a superb payoff: not only the outstanding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Q-Fig that Loot Crate previewed, but also goodies that were excellent surprises for fans of The Goonies, Star Wars, Destiny, and Avatar the Last Airbender.

The hot item in Guardians was the exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rocket & Groot Q-Fig made by Quantum Mechanix. As we’ve come to expect from Quantum Mechanix figures in Loot Crate, Rocket and Groot are awesome sculpts with finely rendered colors. The contrast between Rocket’s tough-guy face and Groot’s glee is a good one, as well as the attention to the action articulated by both characters: Rocket, poised for action, and Groot, leaning into his piggyback ride. Though I knew this was coming a few weeks ago due to Loot Crate’s teaser, it was still the most exciting item in Guardians.

My second favorite, though, was this exclusive Ripple Junction The Goonies tee, which not only has an eye catching design—candy red fabric decorated with solid black skull, swords, and the line “Never Say Die”—it also possesses a supple, comfortable, fit.

The Loot Crate Edition of Disney Publishing’s coloring book, Star Wars: 30 Images to Inspire Creativity, sports a variant cover depicting a mandala of R2D2 and C3PO heads. Designs include repeating Yodas, repeating Y-Wing fighters, portraits to color of Han and Leia, and the cover image, as well as many others. Loot Crate not only included a set of six colored pencils, but a sharpener, so you could get started on these a few minutes after opening the box.

The first of two Destiny items this month is an exclusive set of three embroidered iron-on patches. While subscribers received the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock patches, and the included packaging suggests you should “choose your class,” you could choose to run all three down the sleeve of your jean jacket, or decorate three different pieces of clothing, so that you could choose your class to suit your mood.

The second Destiny item is this month’s crate craft, as after lots of careful perforation and folding, you can make your own Ghost. This is the most complex crate craft that Loot Crate has manufactured, and we found that it was easier to cut away a lot of the unused black cardboard before punching out the Ghost’s five cardboard components. As the crate crafts have been fun to do, I’m in favor of this level of complexity if it means more interesting crafts like this one.

Continuing Loot Crate’s run of attractive cloisonne-styled Loot Pins, this month’s Guardian themed pin is an exclusive Avatar the Last Airbender pin. Since Loot Crate began making the pins featuring licensed characters, they’ve produced a collection of pins that are every bit as good as Disneyworld pins. The AtLA pin is particularly good, with its white arrow used to great effect as a prominence that will attract the viewer’s attention to the pin and its wearer. This month’s Loot Pin bonus loot includes ComiXology editions of Marvel Comics’ Rocket Raccoon #1 and Groot #1.

While the Guardians are already dispatched, you can now summon June’s box of heroes, this time under the theme Alter Ego, with the featured franchises Spider-Man, Hulk, Transformers and DC Comics.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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