Discover arrived with a tiny dossier of mysteries, Hogwarts heraldry for your heels and toes, a drunken cross-section of mad science, a fictional theme park pin, and a chibi panorama on a sad scene from the small screen. January’s goodies represented Rick and Morty, Westworld, The X-Files, and Harry Potter.

My favorite item in Discover is this awesome Rick and Morty T-shirt, drawn in the Crayola fluorescent crayon palette, that depicts Rick’s brain as a kind of a seeping, drug-addled womb with a fetal Morty, a screaming Mr. Meseeks, a catatonic Beth, a Summer with Boris Karloff eyes, and various other Rick and Morty fiends. Rick has his signature “I’m smarter than God” spittle and in profile, his blue, spiky hair reminds me of a Mohawk.

Though I have yet to play it and can’t vouch for the playability, I’m a huge tabletop gaming fan, so my second favorite item in Discover was the exclusive The X-Files: Circle of Truth card game from IDW Games. Packaged as a kind of miniature badge holder, it includes ID cards for Scully and Mulder, instructions, and eighteen game play cards.

The next in Loot Crate’s exclusive SuperEmoScenes diorama series is Dolores and Arnold from Westworld, depicting that sad moment when the roboticist lost his marbles and forced his creation—in effect, a sentient literary character—to punish him for the thoughtlessness of his authorship. When he created the robots too well, they came to life, a life enslaved to the cycle of doing evil, knowing evil, forgetting evil, and reliving evil, culminating in his death, which is less a suicide than a crime of coercion against the sentient Dolores. It’s a meta moment, as much a commentary on the perpetuity of television and other fiction—for how many times will Dolores go through this motion on our screens?–millions? billions? In capturing this meta moment, the artist J Salvador adds another hoop for Dolores to shoot through, for she’s no longer a character on display in Westworld, or on HBO, but on your shelf.

Westworld fans lucked out this month, as there was not only the cool item still to be described, but this month’s Loot Pin was Westworld themed, which makes Loot Crate’s first fictional theme park pin. Disneyland and Disneyworld aficionados will know of all the pin vendors at those real world theme parks, and may get a kick out of having a pin for the unreal theme park.

Discover’s Harry Potter item is a pair of socks decorated with Hogwarts heraldry, not only the house sigils, but the Sorting Hat. While the design is cool, the selling point of these comfy socks are that they’re not only snug but airy.

Overall, Discover was a great collection of goodies, not only the attractive and fandom-stimulating t-shirt design, but a quick game to slip into my next game night, some cool socks, and the Westworld goodies.

While Discover is no longer available, until February 19th, you can order Protect which includes goodies from Black Panther, The Expanse, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Fallout 4.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.


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