The Explore Loot Crate has arrived, including visions of Star Destroyers, cool raiment for warlocks, hunters, and titans of Destiny, a year of looking at the pearl of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and my second favorite non-licensed Loot Pin to date. Franchises represented in Explore include Star Wars, Destiny 2, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, and a mystery Loot drop sourced from one of Loot Crate’s many subscription boxes.

The crate interior depicts black and white line art of X-Wing fighters, Tie fighters, and Star Destroyers from Star Wars. When you refold it, you have a themed storage box large enough for storing comic books, paperbacks, or loose action figures.

My favorite inclusion in Explore is this very cool exclusive original graphic novel, Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down, written by Scott Beatty, and rendered by Derek Charm, Jon Sommariva, and Matt Parsons. Derek Charm is a particularly enjoyable artist, and he drew a striking cover in this outing. The squarebound comic has a glossy, cardstock cover, and contains two stories, the “Destroyer Down,” and “Ghost Ship.”

My second favorite item was the Loot Crate edition of the 7″x7″ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 mini wall calendar, which includes images of Rocket, Peter, Baby Groot, Drax, Gamora, and more-a of the Marvel Cinematic Universe renditions of these characters, drawn in a photoreal style based on actors’ likenesses. As these are my favorite movies in the MCU, I was delighted to receive this.

The exclusive black cotton Destiny 2 t-shirt depicts one of the franchise’s space ships in the cross-hairs of a targeting sight. While it’s a pleasant gaming and science fiction themed shirt, I would have been more excited if this fast-paced first person shooter was represented by a more dynamic image.

Explore’s Loot Pin is a snazzy rocket ship from the Golden Age of science fiction that reminds me of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon and the original Legion of Super-Heroes club-house prior to its being repurposed from salvage. In fact, this Loot Pin is so saturated with Golden Age science fiction connotations that I love it more than any other non-licensed Loot Pin—except for the d20 Loot Pin done in a heraldric style, which is, nearly two years later, still my favorite Loot Pin.

Rounding out the December Loot Crate was a mystery “loot drop” of one item from past crates We received Kampfer, a Mobile Suit Gundam: Assault Kingdom figure, manufactured by Bandai from a past Loot Anime.

Overall, Explore was a sweet crate, with a calendar to mark the new year, a cool t-shirt for spanning galaxies, and a slice from the Star Wars universe, drawn in Derek Charm’s inimitable cartoony style. On top of all that, we received a highly detailed plastic gundam and one of the best Loot Pins to date.

While Explore is no longer available, until January 19th, you can still order Discover, which includes goodies from Rick and Morty, Westworld, Harry Potter, and The X-Files.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.



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