Loot Anime’s latest episode, Work For It, promised a payday of goodies from Gin Tama, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Soul Eater, and it delivered a genius at odd jobs, a green-scaled journal, a poet’s pouch of magic words, and the manga adventures of Death’s hardest-working and most hilarious minions.  

Work For It’s crate interior, when refolded, makes a cash register, and this month’s poster by Lim Wei Lun (Usanekorin) depicts Yume in a three panel comic working as a smiling barista.  Additionally, subscribers received an advertisement for the upcoming Fathom Events screenings of Hayao Miyazaki’s Lupin the 3rdThe Castle of Cagliostro.

As I’m really enjoying both the manga and the anime of Bungo Stray Dogs, and the no-nonsense word wizard Kunikida Doppo is my favorite character, my favorite item this month was the exclusive pouch made in the image of Doppo’s notebook. It’s just the right size to hold a pocket notebook, a camera, an iPhone 7, a 3DS, crayons, minifigs, action figures, or any other small creative doo-dads.

My second favorite item was the Loot Crate original coloring variant of Banpresto’s Gin Tama Gintoki Sakata (“Odd Jobs Gin”) figure. Gin has an excellent sculpt and detailed color rendering, like the other fine Banpresto figures we’ve seen in Loot Anime. Gin is also well-balanced, and could stand for a while just as he is, though Banpresto included a black plastic boot stand that’s best for long-term display.

The image of scales on the front cover and the interior page border of the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid journal accents its draconic theme. Tohru appears as a silhouette on the front cover, and on the interior pages in her maid cosplayTohru, like Zeus, is a mythic being with a cosplay hobby—casting an honest shadow of her true form.

The Yen Press Loot Anime variants are always attractive books, and Work For It‘s was no exception, as it takes the cover to Soul Eater Volume 1 and embosses it, which lifts the characters slightly out of the white backdrop and gives the whole a 3D effect. I previously missed the Soul Eater manga and anime, and I’m enjoying reading this one, especially since what may be a world record—134 pages of prologues before the first chapter—has me very curious about why so much has to be established before the story begins.

Kitty may have a taste for mermaids. The Work For It phone charm puts Kitty in the place of the Starbucks mermaid, and I can’t help thinking fish-loving Kitty ate her. Not only did I like this take on the Starbucks cup, but this month’s charm was interesting for another reason. For nearly a year, Loot Anime’s phone charms were metal and laminated decals, until last month’s soft vinyl charm and this month’s hard plastic suggest that the composition is now variable, and we no longer know what’s in store for upcoming charms.

Work For It’s theme was more subtle than previous months, but just as strong, for what all these anime and manga have in common is their hard-working heroes—one of the frontmen of the Armed Detective Agency, Odd Job Gin, the hard-working maid Tohru, and the two with the most unusual day jobs, that of a weapon meister and a living scythe in their buddy cop dynamic doing Death’s dirty work. No doubt it was hard work for Kitty to eat a whole mermaid too.

While Work For It is no longer available, until September 27th you can order Loot Anime Episode 22, Survive!, with goodies from Naruto, Death Note, Black Clover, and Deadman Wonderland.

Loot Crate sent the review copy.

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